Eloisa Guanlao
“Luminous Ontogeny”

Organisms, many extinct for million of years have, unintentionally, donated their bodies for human consumption and progress. This installation is made of pieces of translucent rice casts of creatures that make up fossil fuels, which literally drive our lives and our economy. Their celestial reappearance encased in translucent rice sheets illuminates our dependence upon natural resources at any cost thus reminding us of our own paper-thin fragility, these creatures re-emerge from the past in unpredictable forms.


Jarod Charzewski
“Scarpetta. “
The installation is made entirely of recycled books and used clothing. The placement and construction of the material is meant to depict a natural rock formation or escarpment. The colors and fabrics are grouped to imply stratified layers of sedimentary rock. The piece draws attention to the pace at which we consume materials and creates a fictitious look at the life our things have after we throw them away.