We are pleased to announce 621 Gallery’s 30th anniversary. 621 has been bringing comtemporary art to Tallahassee for 30 years and we hope that you will join us in celebrating that achievement by attending one of our special events.  Opening May 6th, 621 presents our 30th anniversary showcase with artwork from 30 individuals who contributed to 621’s evolution and legacy. The artists to be included are:

Francois d’Ajoux
Rick Batten
George Blakely
Kelly Boehmer
Jackie Boulanger
Julie Bowland
Ray Burgraff
David Crook
Su Ecenia
Linda Hall
Chris Hampton
Robert Hargrave
Ira Hill
Miffie Hollyday
Charles Hook
Mark Messersmith
Susan Peacock
Leslie Puckett
Anthony Quickle
Perdita Ross
Ansley Simmons
Vic Swan
John Lytle Wilson

More information to come, including multi-media archives from past directors and artist.


Look for similar works from these artists: