Italy-based artist Benjamin Entner’s solo show, “Ego Sum”, of super large ‘inflatable drawings’ based on Renaissance and Classical statuary (using himself as the model!).
A group show, “Small Works”, from Ryan Mandell, Warren Holzman, Lorraine Glessner and Kate Shannon, four artists from the four corners of the US.
The FSU undergrad Art Students League will inaugurate the new and improved Nan Boynton Memorial Gallery, with  “12 x 12″,  a square foot each of creative and wild variety.
The new 621STOR will also be opening, with a revolving series of works of art from local artists and artisans selling for $100 or less.
The galleries and store will be open from 6-9.
So come out and show support for local non profit business, FSU club associations  and artists!
Thank you for supporting 621 gallery!