621Gallery has three exhibitions opening on First Friday, May 4, 6-9pm: Kansas City-based artist, Marc-Anthony Pollizzi’s “Don’t mind the titles”, mind-blowingly large-scale installations of found objects; Gretchen Everhart Students 2-D and 3-D art works; in the Nan Boynton Gallery is “Interview with a Hurricane”, local photojournalist, Mark Wallheiser, with 30 years of his Hurricane Photos. All exhibits from May 4 – 26.

May 19 is Third Saturday, Pirates Extravaganza, with Pirate Hats and Eye Patch activities in the Gallery all afternoon

May 20 is 621 Salon, 4-6pm, featuring readings by local authors, organized by Anhinga Press.

The 621STORE has great original works of art by local artists for $100 or less.

Check the website for additional events and activities,

To Register your 7-11 year olds for CAMP 621, which starts June 4th!: