621 Gallery is incredibly excited to host “Been A Long Time Gone (What You Had and What You Lost)”, a new performance by Glitter Chariot, featuring:

Chuck Carbia
Kelly Boehmer
Lexi Braun
Paul Harvey
Patrick McKinney
David Dowden
Danny Wood

Part glam rock and part performance art, Glitter Chariot performances are charged with emotion, set and character design, and reimagined melodies.

Glitter Chariot performances are difficult to put into words, but that won’t stop us from trying: ethereal, ephemeral, melodramatic, spectacular, haunting, heartbreaking, raw, and often sparkly.

The performance will take place in the back of the main 621 Gallery space, and is sure to break (and potentially mend) some hearts.

Doors open at 8pm.
Performance at 8:30pm.

Beverages will be available upon donation in the 621 ANNEX (which features the blanket fort of your dreams created by Sierra Kramer.)

For additional images and videos, visit: http://www.glitterchariot.com/

Event flier designed by Chuck Carbia.