Visit 621 Gallery for September First Friday from 5 – 9PM to celebrate our first exhibition of the season!

Our exhibiting artists, Barbara Balzer and Morgan Hamilton, will be giving artist talks to the general public starting at 5pm on Friday, September 2.

This month, the main gallery will be exhibiting “Make Me Laugh,” featuring works by Barbara Balzer, an incredible local ceramist with an impressive history and body of work.

“Barbara Balzer is an international award winning artist. Most recently, her work was awarded the President de la Generalitat Valencariana Award-First Prize-at the X Bienal Internacional de Ceramica in Manises, Spain and is included in the Museum’s permanent collection. While earning a double-major in European Literature and Thought and American Literature at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, Barbara attended a ceramics class taught by Chuck Hindes and immediately became transfixed by the materiality of clay. After earning a law degree at the UI College of Law, she moved to Tallahassee to clerk at the First District Court of Appeal and raise a family. While Barbara later did many things, including writing Florida’s Lemon Law as a Senate staff attorney, qualifying for the First Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials, and being a homeroom mother for 8 years, she always continued to explore with clay, in the evenings, on weekends and at workshops. Upon being invited, she attended Florida State University College of Fine Arts, walking distance from her home, and earned a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture. Barbara’s work has been included in the Florida Museum of Women Artists’ Inaugural Exhibition and galleries and museum throughout the world. She considers herself one in a long line of figurative sculptors beginning with the anonymous artist who crafted the Venus of Willendorf almost 30,000 years ago. Barbara’s studio is located in Tallahassee where she continues to work, always in service of an idea.”

To learn more about Barbara and her work, please visit:

The Nan Boynton Gallery will be exhibiting “Welcome to Nastroism,” an exhibition of spiritually scientific artifacts by Morgan Hamilton.

Morgan Hamilton is a Florida State University BFA Alumni (with appropriate Geography and Art History minors) who recently recieved his Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Delaware where he was also awarded a Curatorial Fellowship from The Delaware Contemporary. Morgan’s work has been published and exhibited internationally.

Selected text from “Welcome to Nastroism”:

Our Conceptual Future:

The Nastroism is the spiritual text at the base of its namesake faith. I discovered through alpha-wave meditation that I, Morgan Hamilton, will found a church in 2388 at the heart of the center of our Universe, Kennedy Center, in the canaveral of the old kingdom of Florida. The text is 113 pages long and covers the time from when the Prophet Alan Shepard created the path to the celestial vault to just passed the Second Utopia of the nation of Earth.

Nastroism is a world-wide faith by 2289, and the First Church of the Ascension was established in the Shepard’s canaveral. A hundred years later, my future self becomes a Hamilton in the Order of the Senders and founds The Church of Our Humyn of the Ascension. In my present life, however, I must begin the preparations for humynity to accept the inevitable future that awaits us within the pages of The Nastroism.

The Church and Its Belongings:

The Church of Our Humyn of the Ascension is located in the Launch Annex of the Kennedy Center, the center of our Universe. It is the historic site where thousands watched the Shepard and his followers enter the realm above. We here at the church have a view out toward the ancient launch platform, which is surrounded by the Shepard’s canaveral. Our church has the hightest concentration of religious relics, with items dating back four hundred years. ”

To learn more about Morgan and his work, please visit: