Repetitive sewing techniques allow me to reflect on personal history and my spirituality while making. The working process serves as an avenue for spiritual meditation, through which I create visuals that are loosely narrative. I work in techniques such as weaving, embroidery, and fabric collage, incorporating a variety of found materials and fibers.

The work I create has aspects and references of my personal history as well my products of spiritual meditation. I use varying scales to create experiences for my viewers. The tactile quality and familiarity of materials allow for an intimate interaction between work and viewer. This closeness allows viewers to see the many different materials and fibers that are put into each piece.

While making, I find the rhythm that is found in processes such as weaving, that allows me to shift from focusing on the movement of the hand toward spiritual thought. This makes the product of my spiritual meditation a concrete object that I can share with others.

In the collage work, I am connecting myself to ideas of domesticity as well as my relationship with my grandmother. I include moments in the work that hint at the tradition of quilting to help situate myself within the history that came before me.