An Exhibition of Sculpture by Maria Ojeda

May 5 – 31, 2017

Opening Reception Friday May 5, 6-9 pm

Artist Statement:

Like water, the formation of civilization brings with it all it passes over. Collectives pick up and deposit geological and cultural sediment, moving assiduously through routes of least resistance. Through prolonged use they become carven paths, and the cacophonous connections haphazardly break the cyclical silence of nature. Evidence of humanity accumulates in piles. It sprawls, contracts, overflows, and expands as an invasion of fences, telephone poles, and patchworked earth. Cliffs break under the weight of organization. Crowned peaks are flattened and replaced with towers of human imagination, which beam dreams across appropriated lands.

By using scavenged and repurposed materials I attempt to stage these geomorphic events. Clinging to found remnants are mysterious histories belonging to others. Whims and wants are encoded into them along with the residue of bodies, before they are cast out of the delicately curated universe of objects found within intimate spaces. The totality of interwoven desires is a force insistent enough to shape a landscape, yet the shaping is resisted as the individual enshrouds itself in the safety of familiarity. This sense of arduous but inevitable change is fuel for the construction of my reimagined growths. Mine is an aesthetic born from comfort, necessity, and a compulsion for construction: a struggle between migration and settlement, mediated by whimsy.