621 Gallery Presents

It Really Is Dreamy, Isn’t It by Ehren Fritz Gerhard and Michelle Eccles

a joint exhibition of paintings in the 621 Gallery

Opening Reception Friday November 3, 6 – 9 pm
Soft Opening November 2, 6:30 pm

Artist Statement:

“My imagery depicts an intense encounter with time and place.  It’s the feeling I get while crunching
through leaves and branches listening to the air whistle through my nostrils.  I can step on a snake,
stumble upon a wild boar or end up with a spider web all over my face.

Working somewhere in-between scientific observation and romantic idealism, my goal is to create a
living image that breathes and moves.  I make large and small scale canvases inspired by the visual
energy of artists such as Charles Burchfield and Emily Carr.  Each successive layer of paint is imbued with
the joy of discovery, fear for the unknown, and tension between life and death.”

Bio: Ehren Fritz Gerhard completed his Master of Fine Arts from Arizona State University in 2013.  He is
currently employed as Adjunct Professor of Art at Florida Gulf Coast University, Art Exhibitions Director
for the Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs and Director of the Bonita Springs National Art Festivals.  He
lives in Cape Coral, FL with his wife, dog and cat where he maintains an active studio, works on his
garden and goes on primitive camping and fishing trips as often as possible.