621 Gallery Presents

Portraits in Passing

an exhibition by Ann Kozeliksi

Feburary 1 – February 23, 2018

Soft Opening | February 1, 6:30 PM

Opening Reception | February 2, 6-9 PM

Artist Statement for Ann Kozeliski:

I paint people- people of the street, co-workers, children, the extravagant characters that change your day and how you look at your life- portraits of a moment, not of a person.

I neither photograph nor sketch my subjects. Rather, I go straight to painting the chi of the persons who inspired me to paint them, painting in the stark portrait style of an ancient sumi-é art form. I leave the background empty and love when I am able to form meaning with negative space. My goal is to give the viewers the opportunity to read into the painting their own story. Why paint a white shirt? With successful results, viewers see the shirt in their mind’s eye. The story the image tells becomes something different with every new guest.

I paint Mogu-Fa, boneless style Chinese bamboo brush painting. My materials are various types of Chinese rice papers, handmade silk (sumi), handmade bamboo brushes and fabric, orgaza particularly. The gorgeous marriage of the ink and paper becomes part of the skill of the medium- to control and obtain the results desired using bleeding, dry brush, splatter, drip, all completing the desired work.

I have recently been working on a series using orgaza-pale, translucent fabric that takes the ink and paint well. This series features people from the streets, nesting in areas until they are moved on, endlessly walking on the streets and not really being seen. Sitting lightly on the surface of the fabric that is suspended as long scrolls rotate in the breeze created by viewers. At a certain angle, the once seemingly invisible becomes opaque, and the eyes of the homeless lock with the guest and they see and are seen.