621 Gallery Presents

Waking Space: The Emerging Art Object, Quantum Theory & Algorithmic Art

an exhibition by Steve Breaux

March 1- 23, 2018

Opening Reception | March 2,  6-9 PM, FIRST FRIDAY

Soft Opening | March 1,  6:30 PM

Notes on the Audubon Series:

The Audubon Series is a series of paintings began in 2016-17 using reproductions of Audubon’s Birds of America from a 1966 New York Historical Society’s edition of original watercolors. The thickly painted graphs and diagrams, etc. originate from scientific journals and books that are also the source of the imagery directly printed on the reproductions.  I create an act of repeated brush painting that alludes to Asian calligraphy.

I often correlate the subject of the graph/diagram with the Audubon print in a way that may have indirect relevance to the scientific information intended. Sometimes it is the aesthetic qualities of the graph, a weed of the art world, that interests me. I believe I am adding information ignored by the intent of the scientific, objective information, adding instead, subjective information.

It is often assumed that Audubon painted birds in life.  In fact, he shot them, wired them up, and then made drawings and watercolors. As an artist, I am aware of the telltale signs of death in his work and I am relating the painting and prints to the overall process of the scientific method and the way science uses its imagery in proclaiming the evidence of reality.  I link all of this to the process of making a work of art while attempting to reveal the chain of significance.



Artist Statement:

My work deals with the merging expressions of art and science. Graphs, diagrams, and mathematical formulae are the visual images of science. Their simple beauty is often overlooked by scientists and artists alike. I see graphs and diagrams as objects or things emerging from a world of ideas. They are representations of thought and visualization –cast-offs of minds heading toward other endeavors.  Weeds of the art world, of the image world, they can be akin to weeds of an information world, highly useful and serving valuable functions in the overall ecology of information and visual-ness yet frequently passed over as being neither the most important aspect of the information process nor do they rank as members of the artistic, aesthetic class of imagery: Orphans in these lively worlds. I am helping them emerge into the realm of art and investigating the process that links these two worlds.

I am interested in the transitional space between the idea (nonphysical) and its materialization (physical). Where does one end and the other begin? What is the “nature” of the transitional area? Paintings are physical materializations and the end result of ideas, concepts, and belief systems. How is a digital image, as the end result of a series of algorithms, different than a physical painting? What is the relationship of perception and matter to the process of artistic creation? These questions have led me to relate art processes to certain experiments and concepts of quantum mechanics through artistic experimentation.

About the Artist:

Professor Steven Breaux has taught at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette since 1996 teaching Art and the Computer, and currently, Conceptual and Formal Development thru Drawing. Breaux received an MFA from Florida State University in Painting. His work, ranging from painting, drawing and prints, to video, computer animation, and digital imagery, has been accepted regionally, nationally and internationally for inclusion into galleries, catalogues and exhibitions. In 2015 he was invited to present his abstract Waking Space: The Emerging Art Object, Quantum Theory, and Algorithmic Art at the Science of Consciousness Conference in Helsinki, Finland, which was later published.