& Co.

an exhibition by Tenee’ Hart & Brittany M. Watkins

May 3rd – 25th 2018

Soft Opening | May 3rd @ 6:30pm

Opening Reception | May 4th from 6:30 – 9:30pm

Brittany M. Watkins | Artist Statement

As paint coats the surface, this life is re-contextualized with purpose, enhanced for public display. Comforts of ordinary life, such as the couch and chair have been fragmented, exposing voids filled with fear/desire that lie beneath the surface. Working with audio composition, video-performance, sculptural installation, and three-dimensional painting, I move across themes of consumption, perceived reality, psychological space, and the physical world. The domestic space (home) serves as a metaphor for the mind and a gateway to the internal experience. Each object presented, is rife with narrative-based signifiers highlighting the individual’s place among society alongside the functioning of the human mind. A cycle of obsessive-compulsive behaviors and subconscious, coping mechanisms are revealed in the daily interactions between the self-aware object and the complex, yet fragile human. This accumulation of stuff, once discarded, ranges in use, historical context, and class as it links diverse socio-economic status’ to fluctuations is emotional stability. You will find spaces within spaces, containers and compartments for storing (thoughts, fears, wants, needs). Object placement is crucial to my process as this action exerts a need for control that is entangled with posturing the self for public consumption. My work implores viewer investigation, self reflection, and interiority in attempt to relativize psychological disturbances.

for more information we invite you to visit the artist’s website: https://www.brittanymwatkins.com/