& Co.

an Exhibition by Tenee’ Hart & Brittany M. Watkins

May 3rd – 25th, 2018

Soft Opening | May 3rd, 6:30 PM

Opening Reception | May 4th, 6-9:30 PM

Tenee’ Hart | Artist Statement

Sitting at my grandmother’s feet, the thunderous roar of the sewing machine would cease with a sudden clank of a lever falling into place, the sound of the unraveling spool, led to the severing of the single tie. Excess would be snipped away, and with each pass of the metal edges, the pile would grow larger. I was lured to these remnants sinking into the carpeted floor, their frayed edges and abstract bodies. Making something out of this rubble was my mission, knotting ragged ends together and wrapping the whole bouquet of mishmash with, what felt like, miles of unwanted thread. What I didn’t realize at the age of five, was that I would be forever inprinted by this experience. 

The pairing of aethetic beauty with topics that shock, entice, or disturb serve as staples in my work. The woman as creator woman as the oppressed and the self preception of the woman are just some of the themes explored throughout my work. The pairing of these topics with formal aethetics can, in turn, make these subjects more approachable. In a way, I am attempting to attract my viewers with formal aethetics by beautifying the grotesque, unjust, and bizarre. I believe this visual attractiveness of my work lulls the audience into a false sense of security so that they can then be informed by the work. 

For more information we invite you to visit the artist’s website: http://teneehart.com/