621 Gallery Presents:

The Worm at my Core

An exhibition curated by: April Cluess

Exhibition dates | Oct. 5th – 27th, 2018

First Friday | Oct. 5th from 5:30p – 10:00p

Artists Statment:

The digital world offers the false promise of immortality when considering that one can place their legacy or likeness in a space seemingly invincible to the laws of nature. Video game avatars create a false world for us to cheat death and live without consequence. Social media accounts are a place for us to preserve our image and seek out social significance. Terror Management Theorists believe that through placing our own images and ideas into a digital space, we create a symbolic immortality. This is sought out through dedication to religious beliefs, achieving social relevance, and virtual preservation. This body of work focuses on the relationship between existential anxiety and the digital world. Slow paced visuals, blatantly false landscapes, and apathetic oracles contemplate this unconscious dissociation from reality. Old video games are remembered through aesthetic choices emphasizing the fact that technology becomes obsolete as well. We put a lot of faith in the longevity of sites like Facebook, uploading all of our precious memories, often without thinking about the possible erasure of it all. Acknowledging the darkness surrounding the subject, each video attempts to discover the poetic nature of this human coping mechanism.