621 Gallery presents:

The Self That Remains

an exhibition by Samantha Burns

Exhibition Dates: September 6th – 28th, 2018


My work conceptualizes the relationship between the mind-body connection, with special focus on time surrounding sudden trauma when disruption to this homeostasis is most evident. I consider myself a composer of sorts, as using slight material manipulation I place objects in arrangements that instill a new network of dependence and dialogue between them, calling attention to the inherent strengths and uniqueness of these objects. Whether through fragmented imagery, text, or sculptural pieces, all parts collaborate with one another to unveil a deeper narrative exploring the bonds they have with one another and the spaces they occupy.

The Self That Remains are large sculptures and prints that examine the relationship between how we compose ourselves and how others perceive us.  The sculptures are regarded as an organism with a skeleton and system of interdependent organs to illustrate the fact that both bodies, whether in recovery or homeostasis, and these sculptures depend on a dynamic balance between opposing forces. Prints within this series focus on the mind’s influence in forming identity, emphasizing the organization of information both pictorial and verbal. The overall installation, The Self That Remains, is a series of visual moments of composure, where the act of “composing” is investigated through material engagements and offers a range of perspectives depending on where the viewer is standing in relationship to the piece.

For more info on the artist, please visit this website: https://www.samanthaburnsart.com/