621 Gallery Presents:

Identity Informed then Performed

an exhibition by Alex Ingle


Artist Statement

Self-image and identity are informed as a means of convention. Embraced, rejected, or unknown, a sense of self is constructed by standards embedded in society. Identity can be recognized by external means such as the clothes a person chooses to wear, but it can also be internal, as personal as one’s own spiritual practice. For my own understanding of identity, I initially sought a version of self, removed from American societal constructs such as beauty, gender, love, and etiquette. Being raised by a strong independent single mother still could not prevent unrealistic expectations of love I gained from romantic movies. Regionally, I became aware of gender roles by associating hunting with men and washing dishes with women. In terms of beauty, magazines such as Seventeen taught me airbrushed beauty, and why is it wrong to put my elbows on the dinner table while I eat?

As part of American culture, constructs are a set of norms to abide by, often discouraging a sense of individualism. I seek positivity for the individual who does not fit standards seen in American culture. A version of a healthy self is the ability to identify with one another. One’s own uniqueness, or characteristics that separate the individual from norms, may be understood as positive in a group. I use narratives to critique standards of society’s idea of a healthy self and celebrate the empowered individual.

Alex Ingle’s exhibition will be on display at the 621 Gallery Annex from January 3rd to January 25th 2019.