621 Gallery presents:


an exhibition curated by Allyson Comstock

Curator Statement

Along with the Micro/Macro drawings and the wall installation, I propose to exhibit a curated collaborative exhibition titled Responding to Antarctica. The collaborators work in a variety of professions such as artist, writer, scientist, musician, educator, museum professional, IT specialist, speech-­language pathologist, filmmaker, certified public accountant, restaurant manager, and others. Contributors reside in 20 states from throughout the United States, and in Canada, Australia, the Philippines, and the U.K.  

Responding to Antarctica developed from the 1500 photographs I made while I was in Antarctica and from over 250 microscopic images supplied by scientists conducting research at Palmer Station. I created a postcard for each collaborator. Each postcard depicts a different subject (Antarctic landscape or wildlife, Palmer Station, research equipment and scientific images). In typical postcard fashion, a brief caption is located on the back of the postcard. The caption provides information about the subject on the face of the card. Collaborators created a response to the postcard and the results are varied; include paintings, digital art, sound pieces, a poem, mixed media pieces, stained glass, photographs, an essay, and a handmade book among others.

This exhibition will be on display at 621 Gallery from January 3rd to January 25th.