621 Gallery Presents:

Year Yellow

an exhibition by Elysia Mann


 Artist Statement:

The book is an object divided, bound in dualities: left & right, intimate & social, verbal & visual, touchable & immortal. With an interdisciplinary approach that includes printmaking, weaving, installation, and poetry, my work is centered around the book and its power to influence how we view and tolerate contradictions.

I am blind in my right eye, and this limitation is an invaluable resource. I have a keen awareness of two-dimensional space, tactility, and the power of language to make perception seem concrete. But language is a social construct, malleable. I am interested in how meaning pushes beyond the semiotic, how text is kneaded in space and time, in the book and in the body.

How it cracks.

My theory is that vision and language–our tools for interpreting the world–can be most revelatory when they malfunction. Impaired vision offers insight; misuse of language=poetry. Both are indirect. They suggest translation, repetition, endurance. My studio practice centers on these time-laden systems of failure and patience. I embrace redundancy in pursuit of its serendipitous opposite. I move from text to image to object and back, looking for truth in error–for compassion in the fissures.

For more information about the artist, please visit their website: https://elysiaaileenmann.com/