621 Gallery Presents:

an exhibition by Casey McGuire

May 2, 2019- May 24, 2019


I orchestrate various elements to construct a personal narrative that investigates the problematic nature of artifice and perfection.

As a taxidermist and a decoy carver, my father is fueled by the desire to create a nonexistent, perfect natural world, void of decay. By exercising total control over his subject’s appearance, he strives to create ideal animals. The way my father lived has affects my sculptural processes. Decaying structures, dark hallways, shadows, eerie stillness, and abandoned objects all drive my studio practice, as they reflect my childhood of rural life surrounded with death. I utilize the cast out detritus of recently foreclosed homes that line my quaint suburban street, a connection to my experiences of home. I use these materials, images, and objects to convey narratives with a curbside vernacular. Through non-linear narrative and storytelling, my installations and videos evoke an emotional space, a space that allows for contemplation of the presented elements of the installation to resonate, often uncomfortably. The concept of body as site reflects my personal history and the history of body in contemporary art. Through my sculptures the body becomes a site of connection with viewers, allowing the viewer to envision himself or herself in the position of the artist’s body or as an implication of a physical interaction.

The construction of home is shifting from the previous ideal of the American dream, to a new, unordered attempt at finding comfort within a new set of boundaries. These boundaries exist both in our mind and in our built environment with each affecting and forming one another. My installations approach the surface of what is, and could be, this new sense of the hybrid narrative. Found materials address the ideas of memory, survival, and change, and with these materials, interject the body and the politics thereof, into the narratives created. Temporal materials that embody the adaptation and change of home, gender, and landform boundaries are the basis for how I translate our ever- changing world. The sculptures and installations are manifestations of constructed narrative spaces. Provoked by the housing crisis and its effects on the ideology of the “American dream” I look at an intersection between what is, what is remembered, and what could be. Dislocations between humans and the built environment, be it in a personal or public space, are how my installations address changes in our cultural and familial structures.

For more information about the artist, please visit their website: www.caseymaymcguire.com