TALLAHASSEE, FL — We all have a lot to learn from feminist artist, Amanda Boekhout. As a mother and art instructor, Boekhout creates art with a variety of materials that honor the divine feminine. Inspired by her own femininity, yoga, meditation, being a mother, and goddess iconography and mythology, Boekhout’s artwork reflects raw beauty and details of nature.

Living in a cozy home surrounded by giant live oaks and pines with swaying moss in Tallahassee, Florida, Boekhout finds a lot of her inspiration here and from her travels across North America and Europe. With her in-tune touch with nature, viewers can see that she is in awe with the immense beauty of our planet and the creativity that encompasses it.

In October of 2018, she participated in Art of Resistance curated by Cynthia Hollis at 621. Her pieces draped the walls with female empowerment and intrigued viewers with their unique presentation. Boekhout’s Reigning Blood, an experimental weaving, hung alongside Bleeds and bleeds and does not die, four menstrual blood goddesses. The artwork stood in solitude to women everywhere and calls attentions to societal  perspectives on masculine versus feminine energies.

“Resistance must start with rewiring our brains to see menstruation and femininity as powerful and sacred.” says, Boekhout.

With her confidence and ability to successfully share her message with the world, Boekhout encourages younger artists to be patient and don’t be afraid to be a little weird. She continues to navigate the art world through finding the sweet spots where her work is celebrated and does not participate in anything that does not serve her soul.

Boekhout’s ability to mold her future as an artist makes her successful in inspiring society to become closer and feel their own spirit shine.

“My artwork offers beauty, play, power, and love.  May love and peace be with all of us. May we choose love and compassion with every action.  May we harness the divine feminine in our lives.”

You can view Boekhout’s “Act Like a Plant” (2018), on display at Sage Restaurant Tallahassee until May 27, visit her instagram @divinefem, or shop her art at https://www.etsy.com/shop/divinefem/

Written by: Stephanie Fischer