621 Gallery Presents:

an exhibition curated by: AJ & AJ Management

June 7th – June 28th 2019

Exhibition Statement:

Art @ Home is a segment of Art Everywhere which is a interactive curated exhibitation allowing particpates an oppurtunity to express their creative natures! Art @ Home is a reminder to us, not to forget about the local artist who live, work, or go to school in the tallahassee, FL area.

Art @ Home features eight(8) visual artist who has resided or still live in the
tallahassee area. Each of these artist bring their own stlye and compostion to 
illustrate breath taking peices.


Exhibiting Artists:

Quia Atkinson, Mariah Johnson, Kaiyla Thompson, Jordan Dickey, Kala Brown, Sekou Muhammad,  the Project Canvas, and Mel Nicole