621 Presents


an exhibition by Lucrezia Bieler

Soft Opening: February  5th
Event at 6:30 PM
Talk begins 7 PM

First Friday: February 7th 5:30 PM – 10:00 PM
Exhibition dates: February 5th – February 28th

From an interview hosted by Antje Buchwald:

“With incomprehensible detail, the artist Lucrezia Bieler cuts her sensitive animal portraits. Since 1994, the Zurich based artist lives in the USA; She spent nine years in Seattle and now lives in Tallahassee / Florida. Her sectional images are often designed in the form of mandalas. A mandala (Sankrit: = “circle”) is an image of a symbolic order of the universe, which is formally represented as a diagram, combining a circle and inscribed square with a common center. It can be an initiation path, serve as an instrument, or aid in meditation or spiritual concentration and is one of the most important elements of Tibetan Buddhism. Lucrezia Bieler’s Animal Mandalas describe, on the one hand, the animal in its ecosystem and, on the other, the interaction of humans in the ecosystem. In the center of Bieler’s western interpreted mandalas is always an animal – for example, a polar bear, a manatee or a turtle – which is bordered by an ornamented cutting frame. These frames tell the story of the life and destiny of the centered animal and surround it like a protective cloak. Although the artist never cuts the consequences of the threat of the animal through the environmental destruction of the human being, the threat always resonates. It is an intact nature that she describes. It is a fairytale place that tells of the beauty of nature when humans and animals still lived in harmony with each other. Lucrezia Bieler’s paper-cuttings stimulate reflection, to loose yourself in thought, but also to dream.”

for the full article: http://bieler-beerli.com/downloads/press/Lucrezia_Bieler_SaW52_2019eng.pdf

For more information, visit their website: http://www.bieler-beerli.com