621 Presents


an exhibition by Leon Hicks

Opening Reception | February 5th 2021
Event at 6:00 PM | Talk begins 7 PM

Exhibition dates | 02.05.2021- 02.26.2021

Artist Statement:

Art is an intellectual endeavor. It is the affairs of the mind and imagination that reconcile art. The skills needed, honed, and developed in the pursuit of art, real art, begin in the mind and then subsequently become technique. I was born in 1933, and on Christmas day of this year that will be exactly 88 years ago. In almost 90 years of life I have concluded that the single most important word for the process of art is serendipity, and I believe my work to be serendipitous.


Artist Bio:

Leon “Uncle Junior” Hicks has distinguished himself as an artist and educator since the 1960’s. Recognized as one of the most prolific and preeminent engravers he emerged during the Black Arts Movement, producing powerful images rooted in self-consciousness and social discovery. 

Leon Hicks received his BA in painting/ sculpting from Kansas State University. Mr. Hicks continued his study and received a MA in painting and a MFA in Printmaking at the University of Iowa. He has also studied art history at Stanford University, La Romita School of Art (Italy), and at Atlanta University. By the late 1970’s he was delving into the exploration of autonomous forms and the art of engraving. He has said that this art development has been “situated in terms of place and space- both geographically and conceptually.”

The 1960’s marked the beginning of Mr. Hicks’s teaching career, starting at Florida A&M University in 1964 for one year. Over the next five decades Hicks would teach at Concord University, Lincoln University, Lehigh University, and twenty five splendid years at his beloved Webster University. Mr. Hicks artwork has been discussed, reviewed, seen, and admired widely. With a curriculum vitae that spans over 90 pages his work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and is held permanently in several private and public collections. Hicks is a master engraver, whose reputation screams for itself.