621 Presents


an exhibition by Kate Kinder

Opening Reception | March 5th, 2021
Doors Open at 6:00 PM | Talk Starts at 7:00 PM

Exhibition Dates | 03.05.2021 – 03.26.2021

Artist Statement:

The color green from a Sprite can nestles against stripes of grey from the wilted pine tree that stayed up until my early February birthday. Confronted by a conical growth, rising from a cushiony plane of the kind of yellow ochre that makes me a little nauseous, and looks like aged egg crates from
my parent’s attic. A cakey, matte orange mess of paint perches on top of a wobbling, pale body overcome by scraped triangles and swampy green Birkenstocks that sink into a circus tent platform. A glittery river swallows up a living room where VHS cassette tapes line the wall, grouted with neon pink foam that caresses the tops of the window sills where the vertical blinds remind me that I’m still in Florida.

Fleeing from boundaries of hierarchal value limitations, I make paintings. I call forth the vessel as a metaphor for humanness and empathy. With no access to the interior of these forms, the viewer is left excluded, while the vessel acquires agency. As a mirror to the paintings themselves, the vessels dismiss rules of human consciousness, maintaining a subject-less self. Including stills from reality TV shows opens windows to nonlinear timelines and duplicity. Blurring the boundary between personal experience and shared experience creates a pulse of humanness.

Posing as an atmosphere of inquiry, my work scrapes the surface of object philosophies while I maintain awareness and excitement for formal play. While I consider the limitations of linear and polarized value structures, through a boundless context of plants, vessels, figures, stills from reality TV shows, and interiors, I resist applying a conceptual glaze to each work and appreciate them as paintings. I engage the viewer with loose art environments ranging in scale from inches to yards and bathe my paintings in plastic light.

for more information visit their website: http://www.katekinder.com/