621 Gallery Presents:


Gone Wild

an exhibition by Jessica Smoleroff



Artist Statement:

In the future, everyone will have an Onlyfans:

The paintings examine softness in nudity and a diversity of masculine sexualities. To make the work, images are sourced from social media sites like reddit and instagram. The images often behave as advertisements for Onlyfans, but not always. Often, their photographs have captions asking for validation, acceptance. They read, “am I enough?”, “how about this?”, or “first time, go easy!”. The vulnerability of these cis men is a surprising respite from the aggressive egoism tied to the culture and their sexuality. The work aims to recontextualize the vulnerability of these figures from a stigmatized, subliminal space. Wrapped in protective flora, they are free to be nude and subvert socialized gender norms.


For more information about the artist, please visit their website: www.jsmoleroff.com