Lauren Baker | Executive Director (2017 – Present)
Baker received her MFA in Fine Art at Florida State University. While in school she join the Board of Directors and served for 3 years. She takes a lot of pride in the Tallahassee arts community and providing support for emerging artists. As well as directing the Gallery, Baker is an Adjunct Professor in the Art Department at FSU.

Katie Reeves | President of Board of Directors
Focuses her work to cultivate successful and vibrant communities, she currently serves as the Special Projects Director for the state association of food banks, Feeding Florida. She believes, art, just like food should be accessible to all. Katie has a background in nonprofit management, grant writing, fundraising, marketing, event design, and community outreach; she also holds degrees in Landscape Architecture and Psychology. Katie is excited to contribute her skills to grow dynamic communities, statewide and especially in Tallahassee.

“I’m excited to gather community around art and share the abundance of this region where the cultural offerings are a necessary benefit to the community. I believe 621 Gallery is key in inviting and gathering a diverse local audience who are invested in encouraging innovative contemporary art and culture to thrive in the region.”

Richard Ensor | Vice President of Board of Directors
Richard has received his MFA in studio art at Goldsmiths University of London in 2018 and currently works as the Sculpture Lab Manager at Florida State University. Richard has been serving on the Board of Directors since January 2019 and is now acting Vice President of Board of Directors. Richard has exhibited his work throughout the south east, New York, and London. Utilizing a background in sculpture, Richard has volunteered to head a project to restore 621 Gallery’s collection of outdoor sculptures on view at Railroad Square Art Park. In addition to the work he does as a board member, he feels that using his technical background is another value he can contribute towards the Tallahassee arts community.

“My goal for serving on the board is to advance contemporary art in the region and to make sure that 621 Gallery can continue to provide programming that is both contemporary and cutting edge.”

Christian Perez | Secretary of Board of Directors
Christian Perez is a careful iteration of Torreya and Tupelo nesting rentals in a sunbelt. An avid writer and outdoors habitué, he can often be found at his favorite sinkhole or campsite along the Florida karst. A deep believer that life and glamour proliferates small spaces, he works to empower writers to find their voice, challenge their style, and gain confidence in public speaking. He keeps his koans beside a coffee kettle, is a big-time sour beer crony, is probably napping next to his cats Marceline and Margaret right now, loves making family dinner, and wants you to read at the next Literary Salon.

Tom Hall | Board Member
Tom is an artist showing internationally in Europe and the US. He has worked with many exciting curators and venues including showing in major festivals and the Venice Biennale. He graduated from the Royal Collage of Art in London in 1998 and has taught at some of the best Universities and Art Collages. Tom is hoping to bring his considerable experience in exhibition and education to focus on the future standing of 621 Gallery as an important regional gallery that stands for ambition and excellence as a recognized destination for artists and audiences adding to the cultural dialog of the State and wider.

“Artist designers and thinkers are the new wealth creators of tomorrow. The creative industries have secretly propped up our economy for years and we need to come out. I want to do two simple things, to support artists in their careers at their most vulnerable by giving opportunity and I want to connect with local young people who don’t get exposed to art to find its potential.”