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Bedscapes & Dreamstates
January 9th - 24th, 2004

Artist: Meredith McMackin

Sex & The 6:00 News
January 9th - February 14th, 2004

Artists: John Gleason, Paintings; David Jones, Sculpture
Sponsors: Condomology Superstore

Breaking Up is Hard To Do
February 20th - March 27th, 2004

Artists: Jacquelin Boulanger; Mary Donahue; Barbara Aleene Edwards; Marianne Bernice Kearsely; Joan Matey; Susan Peacock; Lynn Priestley; Leslie Puckett

Curators: Viki Wylder & Marianne Bernice Kearsely

Seeing Red: A Low Tech Adventure
February 27thh - March 13th, 2004

Artist: Charlotte Williams
Sponsors: Prominant Placement, Inc of Atlanta; Stacy & Matt Williams; Hartsfield Home Construction, Inc; SG Bridal

The Land of Growth
March 17th - 31st, 2004

Bookmaking Workshop: March 20 & 27th, 2004
Artist: Janae Easton

April 2nd - May 2nd, 2004

Artists: Ljiljana Obradovic-Edminson; Daniel Kariko; Maura Schaffer

MasquerAid © Copyright 2007 621 Gallery, Inc.
MasquerAid to benefit the gallery.
April, 2004

People were invited to come to the event dressed as there favorite art piece or favorite artist. There were live tableaux throughout the evening. A curtain was drawn and revealed recreations of famous artist's works with live people styled as the figures in the masterpieces of Frida Kahlo, Jan Vermer, Velasquez, Van Gogh and others.

Of Church and State
May 14th - July 10, 2004

Artists: Steve Jones, Alejandro Mendoza, John Raulerson

Clarity © Copyright 2007 621 Gallery, Inc.
A Mysterious Clarity

September 3rd - October 16th, 2004

Artists: Mark Messersmith, Lillian Garcia-Roig, Ray Burggraf

Wildlife Refugees
September 3rd - 18th, 2004

What Flew Out of Bird Sink
October 22 - October 30th, 2004

Artists: The VanChamier's - Chris, Michael, Mona, Celine, Amy, & Maria
Reception Musical Act: Kill Clouseau

11th Annual Art Auction © Copyright 2007 621 Gallery, Inc.
Eleventh Annual Art Auction

November 13th, 2004

make believe
November 19th - December 18th, 2004

Artists: Janae Easton, Patricia Dahlman, Carol Golembowski

Exploring Divinity with a Creative Perspective
December 3rd - Dec 10, 2004

Artists: Leanne Burchell & Deirdre Honey Hilliard


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