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As a 621 member, you get exclusive access to year-round artist lectures, workshops, exhibitions, special events and more!

Membership Levels Member – $40 tax-deductible donation

– 1 free 621 T-Shirt – Invitations to exclusive soft openings & artist lectures – 10% discount in 621 store – Surprise bonuses throughout the year*

Family Membership – $65 tax-deductible donation – All the benefits of a Member, plus: – Discounts on Kids programming, summer camps and workshops

Premium Member – $100 tax-deductible donation – All the benefits of a Member & Family, plus: – Free submission to annual juried member show – 10% discount on gallery art – 10% discount on workshops – 1 complimentary ticket to Annual Art Auction

Student – Students receive a 50% discount on either member or premium membership with valid student ID.

*If you have purchased a membership that comes with a T-Shirt online, please tell staff next time you come into the Gallery and we can assist you. 


Membership Levels

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