music & art pop-up exhibition

Produced by Cat Family Records and 621 Gallery

A pop-up exhibition and concert dedicated to Tallahassee artists

The show features performances by local musicians and works of art by local artists. Every Pop-T.art is also a celebration of the T.ART ZINE, with a new volume released that night. Visitors can expect to see sculpture, painting, and immersive installation pieces. This is an immersive experience where visitors are surrounded by works of art while live music fills the space. Here, the art is displayed in a non-traditional home setting, where it is allowed to step outside the formality of the gallery.

$7 with a car | $5 without


 Accepting applications now for the next pop-t.art.

Also looking for vendors…. If you are interested please contact 621galleryinc@gmail.com







At Cat Family Records, we’re working to help create the middle class of music scenes. For artists, there are typically two points on a career continuum: made it and still struggling to pay rent. Most independent artists work full-time jobs alongside their creative pursuits, and success can be limited by financial barriers unique to the music industry.

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