drink up – Maurizio gomez


Gesso transfer on canvas, alcohol based markers, 8” x 48”

“This piece is inspired from a page from a manga named “OPUS” where the creator of a manga within a manga also named “OPUS” physically gets sucked into the book he has created. He realizes the characters he has come up with are real people with lives and families. The creator of “OPUS“ comes to the conclusion he is God in his own universe. Unfortunately, God gives but God also takes. As the author has this revelation, he refuses to finish the story since his intention was killing off one of the main characters. I related this to my own life because often times people don’t understand the pressure there is behind being a creative time some times. I’d say it’s one of the hardest routes you could choose to base your career off of. So hard that often times you feel like doing nothing, feeling nothing, being nowhere. Everyone has something that takes them nowhere. For the creator of “OPUS”, he likes to drink up.” – Gomez

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