The Art Nunz present Ancestral Transmission an Art Performance and Exhibition that explores cycles of life and death, our relationship to ancestors, and our own mortality.  

You are invited to enter our sacred space.  Make blessings to your ancestors on the community altar and observe the death ritual conducted by the moths and vultures. 

Artist Statement

The Art Nunz have taken vows committing their life to art. We are advancing Art through research, education and advocacy while embracing diversity of age, race, culture, spiritual beliefs, and gender. Art Nunz base their work on the words of Jesus from the book of Thomas: “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” Dedicated to the artistic mission, We see shadow work as essential to our creative process. Shadow work allows for deep healing by acknowledging and integrating the dark parts of our being.

Art Nunz may be ascetics who voluntarily choose to leave mainstream society to live their life in their studio, or to enter society in order to pray for the inspiration and creativity of others. Art Nunz are known to have bad habits and are renowned for their spiritual promiscuity. Some may be eccentric, scandalous, provocative, or rebellious. These are simply side effects of ingenuity or creative genius. Sister Karate’s most renowned teaching is: ”Painting is the answer to Painting.” In this way, the nuns have developed their orthopraxy of praying ceaselessly through making. It is through time and energy or developing one’s kung fu (discipline) that the artist may find the kingdom of heaven within.



Thursday October 6 |  Soft opening 6:30P – 8P

Art Nunz & Cynthia Hollis artist talks. The community is invited to bring offerings in the form of altar objects to build our ancestor altar in the gallery. Speaking schedule: Carrie Ann Baade the visionary shares wisdom on the specifics of the exhibition/ & who are the Art Nunz. Up next – Cynthia Hollis speaks on her installation and collection in the Nan Boynton Memorial Gallery.

Friday October 7, First Friday 6P – 10P

The Art Nunz gather at the gallery at 6P, slowly processing around the entire square, rattling, chanting. Between 7P- 9P, The Art Nunz perform in the gallery and invite the public to interact with the installation and altar. Around 9P Art Nun weddings begin. The public is invited to witness ceremonies and renewal of vows as Art Nunz marry themselves to their art.