621 presents:


an exhbition by Joe Roache


 Artist Statement:

I believe that visual art is a way of communicating ideas and feelings that cannot be expressed in any other way. Visual art allows the artist to “say” things that cannot be said, and communicate on a more visceral level with feelings that can be absorbed in an instance. Cultures all over the world and throughout history can be studied and better understood via the art and artifacts that they leave. The power that images contain can educate in a much more profound way than words alone. Visual communication is a way for society or a group of people to leave their “mark” on the world stage. I am painting abstract paintings that are influenced by images that I develop from digital images. I believe that images that are created by artists in the past were created with the best technology of that era the final image that is created is what matters.

Soft Opening | January 31st at 6:30pm

First Friday | February 1st from 5:30pm to 10:00pm

Exhibition | January 31st – February 22nd

If you would like to more about the artist, please visit their website linked below.