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Artist Bio
Vanselow has a B.F.A. in Studio Art and a B.S.Ed. in K-12 Art Education from Concordia University in Steward, Nebraska. Her work has been most recently exhibited at the Marxhausen Gallery of Art, Seward, Nebraska. Currently, Vanselow works as an art instructor at Lincoln Public Schools and the LUX Center for the Arts in Lincoln, Nebraska, as well as a studio assistant at the Center for Liturgical Arts in Concordia University, Seward, Nebraska.

Artist Statement

“We measure the world with our bodies.” These words from my mentor have held a constant weight within my practice as I consider how whether independently or simultaneously, sensations are experienced both visually and physically. When I look at a decaying pinecone, I instantly see the shapes interacting that form its structure. When I am walking, I relate the scale and angle of my movements to those of the static objects moving past me as I go forward. Whether it is through drawings on paper, video installation, or performance, my work persistently attempts to investigate and engage with the isolation and interaction of these sensations.

In working between a variety of materials, I have come to define drawing simply as a process of mapping – an act that simultaneously outlines and navigates through merged layers of information. By establishing a system or structure to inform the process, the act of drawing becomes an open-ended response, mapping the processes of thinking and seeing. Drawings exist as a site for mapping to occur through routine movements, expanding the boundary of drawing to also include performance, video, installation, and artifact, all of which serve as a documentation of how the artist experiences the world around them.

Grid vs. Web: The Space Between focuses on the visual and physical experiences that are connected by both repetitive habitual actions as well as happenstance observations. I refer to both the grid and the web as contrasting visual structures that often merge, blurring the boundaries between simple and complex organization. All of the work in this exhibition consistently navigates in and out of defined space. As I map various interactions such as the simple overlapping of shapes or the body related to its environment, the points become less clear spatially between the layers of information, creating a nuanced sense of depth, teetering between both structure and fluidity.

For more information on the artist’s work, please visit their website: jvanselow.com