Anastasis by Laura Powers

Restore by Selah! Artist group

Artist Group Bio
Selah! is a Christian artist group located in Tallahassee, FL. As a collective of Christian creatives, Selah! is making a space for fellowship in their pursuit of excellence. The collective engages in dialogue with Jesus Christ through their art and serve the community in Tallahassee. Selah! seeks to bring their work to the feet of Jesus, distill their theology of art making and cultivate local culture.

Laura Powers
Laura Powers (1997) is an oil painter and aerial dancer, whose work explores
the relationship of body, soul, and place through the figure. Laura grew up in
Orlando, once called, “a city imitating the imitation of a city,” which has, in no
small part, impacted her longing for the authentic. From 2015-2020, she
attended Florida State University, where she received her BA in Studio Art
and an MS in Education, while performing with the Flying High Circus.
Her life and work have been particularly impacted by the event of the “Divine Logos” made flesh, that is the Incarnation of Christ. Laura currently works on her crafts and teaches aerial circus arts locally. Laura also helps to lead the Selah! Artist Group.
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Kristen Yann
Kristen Yann is a 24 year old representational oil painter currently residing in Tallahassee, Florida. Born and raised in a rural town just north of Tampa, Kristen spent much of her childhood inspired by nature and the quiet beauty around her. In 2018, Kristen received a BFA from Florida State University, specializing in painting and drawing. She then journeyed on to work alongside artists such as Alex Venezia and Louis Carr. Currently, Kristen is a full-time artist, working in subjects from portrait and figure, to landscape and still life, each representing a still and contemplative quality. Her works can be found exclusively at Collins Galleries, and Sugarlift Gallery in New York City as well as private collections around the world.
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Michaela Meyer
Michaela Meyer is a BFA student in her third year at Florida State University. She grew up in Hebron, Kentucky, and spent most of her childhood exploring the creek in her backyard for hours on end each day. Those memories gave her a lasting connection to nature that extended into her adult life and was heightened even further when she became more invested in her Christian faith at the beginning of college. Since then, her art became the means by which she expressed the feelings of hope and awe that nature evoked in her.
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Kaitlyn Dressel
Kaitlyn Dressel makes large abstract paintings woven with conversation, rough scribbles, and large flooded pools of pigment. It’s these imperfect childlike moments that lead her to freedom. The compulsive energy of her work wavers between control and surrender, critique and acceptance. She works primarily on encompassing large canvases in which she studies the practice of stillness and allowing conversations from the silence fill the blank surface. Mining what happens when the body interprets language, feelings, and emotions. “Our eyes can be deceived to see what we are looking for, but the emergence of the empathetic creation is not easily put into words, but felt in the bones of our soul. Allowing for shared feelings and moments with others, is core to our humanity.”
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Solomon Geathers
I have always enjoyed creating for most of my life but, the moment I was told the “right” way to draw, my outlook on being a creator completely changed. This particular part of my personal story impacts my artistic practice and journey because throughout my life I had to constantly remind  myself and others that there is indeed not a “right” way. Trying to find this “right” way has led me to many other different mediums and artist. Over the years, this has all aided in the embracement of individuality of myself, others and my artistic ability.
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Samuel Machado
I’m Samuel Machado, a Tallahassee-based artist that works on different dry mediums. My work is inspired by the intricate relationship that exists between the Christian worldview and beauty. I grew up in a Christian household where the teachings of the bible and gospel were complemented by a personal interest in the beauty of the natural world. The more I understood the ideas of Christianity the more I realized that they not only have moral and spiritual repercussions, but they also have aesthetic repercussions as well. The more I grew in my faith, the more I wanted to grow in my artistic endeavors. The beauty of the Lord is really the beginning of all beauty, and it is the pleasure of the artist to discover God through the things that He has made. That is the artistic journey I have embarked on, and I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes.
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Stephanie Trotter
Tallahassee based artist, Stephanie Trotter, has been painting since early childhood. She received a BA in Fine Arts at FSU in 2015, took a break to be a stay-at-home mom, and is now returning to the art world. She rediscovered oil painting in college and hasn’t looked back since. Her work has won her many commissions and now she is eager to start reaching out to the greater public.
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Madison McCoy
Madison McCoy was born and raised in Orlando where her passion for storytelling and creative design began. She seeks to be a bridge for people to hear experiences, trials, perspectives that are different than their own, inviting the viewer to put on the clothes of another, by means of paint or pen. Also, her work is deeply influenced by her belief in God and his longing to interact and love the world, so her art is geared to point people back to the original artist and creative, him.
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Elton Burgest
I grew up in Tallahassee and ever since I could remember I’ve been aware of Jesus and the unfair disadvantages African Americans have had. Being a Christian, I grew up with a perspective to forgive, but in what context can you forgive and in what context do you hold others accountable for being racist? Questions like these are things I ponder about and they really drive my art practice. I realize that there aren’t many pieces with my perspective and in that I believe I found my purpose.
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Vanessa Zein-Eldin
Vanessa Zein-Eldin and her husband are native Texans who have loved living in beautiful Tallahassee for almost 30 years. They have two grown children. Vanessa received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of North Texas and enjoys a career as a graphic designer. Vanessa began creating mosaics about 10 years ago after inheriting some of her grandmother’s mismatched china. She enjoys expressing her faith through her mosaic art and especially loves the symbolism of taking broken and discarded pieces to create something whole and beautiful. Vanessa is active in her church, and loves spending her free time in the yard or watching baseball.
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Jordan Barette
Jordan is a Vietnamese-American artist based out of Central Florida. They express themselves through painting, traditional, and digital drawing.
Although they have predominantly been a performance artist throughout their life, in 2019 they became interested in traditional art. Wanting to try something new, they took a drawing class in college. It snowballed into graduating from Florida State University with a BA in Studio Art.
Their works are heavily inspired by nature, Vietnamese culture, and childhood nostalgia. They struggled with cultural identity growing up and art has helped them heal from the confusion. Nature commonly appears their my works because it reflects the benefits of being outside and escaping intrusive thoughts. It allows them to appreciate the earth that God has created as the ultimate artist.
When Jordan is not creating art, they enjoy trying new recipes, reading, punch needling, and spending time with loved ones.
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Marcus Thomas
My name is Marcus C Thomas. I’m a self-taught freelance illustrator born, raised, and currently stationed in Tallahassee Florida. Carefully observing the world and creating art inspired by it is how I live and grow. I’m fueled by music, stories and a strong desire to provide freshness to anything I create.
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Alivia Davis
My work is site responsive. The process of photographing and painting wildlife inspires my work. I aspire to increase awareness of the ruin of natural habitats that occurs when the relationship between people and nature becomes destructive.
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Abigail Boyd
Abi Boyd is originally from Monticello, FL. She is currently studying English Education at Florida State University.
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Sean Cain
I grew up in Tallahassee Florida on the south side of Tallahassee. After dropping out of high school, I started a journey to find the meaning to life and my place in the world. Through many missteps and pain, from the army to a life of drug dealing, I found inspiration to share what I’ve learned along the way through visual art.
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