“FOVEA” by Jewel Hovland


Artist Bio

Jewel Hovland (b.1999) is a multidisciplinary artist with focus in ephemeral sculpture, drawing, painting, and assemblage. She is an alumni of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts highschool program and BFA from Florida State University. 

Her focus on the aesthetic motifs of natural materials and their cohesion is informed by the science of observation as a means of experimentation. Often embodied by circle motifs and repetition, Hovland utilizes organic materials and synthetic detritus to encapsulate how vision informs interaction with the environment. Through a conversation between sight and the inner mind, her work interrelates human consciousness with parallel systems in nature. 

Hovland has exhibited her work in galleries and museums across the state of Florida, most notably the Baker Museum, Naples (2016); The Von Liebig Art Center (2017); the Marco Island Center for the Arts (2017); SOHO Gallery, Tallahassee (2020); and a solo-exhibition at the Phyllis Straus Gallery, Tallahassee (2021). She is a double recipient of the Ann Kirn Award.


Artist Statement

Embodying the process of vision; whether through anatomy, cortical processes, or metaphor; illuminates as much about the world we observe as how we observe it. These visual epiphanies or “experiments in sight” are my way of deepening my understanding and giving each morsel of earth space for eyes to fully see. 

Visual motifs like repetition and symmetry are paralleled in the structure of sensory organs and countless natural phenomena. Just as the retina is a flat circle made of millions of cellular pinpoints, our constant field of vision becomes a circular whole of stimuli. I think there’s something ineffably harmonious about how the eye interacts with patterns everywhere. In a way, the eye is very much like a window- the access point between the interior and exterior, ourselves and our environment.

Stay current on Hovland’s projects: https://jewelhovland.webnode.page/