Sat, 9/17 @ 2PM




This 90-minute workshop will give attendees an introduction to the basics of modular synthesis and get them started working with VCV Rack, a free and open-source music software which emulates a modular environment. Attendees are encouraged (but not required) to install the software ahead of the workshop (instructions below) and bring along their computers to follow along. We will start with some basic concepts and terminology related to modular synthesis and then dive into working in VCV to create sounds, melodies, rhythms, and anything else folks are interested in. The last portion of the workshop will give attendees an opportunity to freely explore VCV Rack, collaborate with each other, and plug into the sound system to “show and tell” anything they’d like to share.
Target audience
Total beginners with no prior knowledge assumed. A basic understanding of how to use a laptop is necessary. Anyone interested or working in electronic music, sound design, installation art, film scoring, and any other discipline that utilizes sound can benefit from familiarity with VCV Rack.
Materials needed

Access to a laptop & charging cable

Installing VCV Rack
Note: the instructor for this workshop will be using a slightly older version (v1.1.6) of VCV Rack to be more inclusive of system requirements. While using this version is recommended to participants intending to follow along, the most up-to-date version of VCV Rack (v2) can also be used by workshop participants but it will appear noticeably different.
2. Scroll down and download v1.1.6 .zip file based on your operating system (Mac or Windows)
3. Open/unzip the downloaded file. For Windows users, launch the .exe file. Mac users launch the Application file.
About the Instructor
Dave Rodriguez (he/him) is a filmmaker, musician, and curator originally from Miami, FL. He has worked in the field of audiovisual media preservation and exhibition for over 10 years at institutions like George Eastman Museum, Bard College, Continental Film & Digital Laboratory, and the University of Miami. He currently works in the library at Florida State University. He is co-founder of Miami Music Club, a nomadic music venue and art space focused on experimental music, film, and performance art. His film and video work has been exhibited across North America and Europe including the Ann Arbor Film Festival, Antimatter [Media Art], Cosmic Rays Film Festival, FLEX Film/Video Festival, Mono No Aware X, The International Noise Conference, Performing Media Festival, and Le 102. He performs live expanded cinema under the moniker Clavilux, and electronic music as Black Sink.