Join us for the first year of our annual ART + TECH Festival at 621 Gallery!

Visual, performance, and other immersive art experiences have been compiled into a two-day showcase that seeks to instill a deeper appreciation for the latent humanity of technology only art can reveal. The festival exhibits local artists using technology in their work. These works will be on display during our normal gallery hours for the entire month of July. Laptop Sockhop, the music event within the festival, showcases electronic musicians. The ART + TECH workshops feature expert artists who invite you to get hands on experience with various technologies. Please join us on July 6th & 7th!

Carrell Courtright 2017


ART + July 6th – July 27th 2018

Opening Reception – July 6th from 5:30pm – 9:30pm

621 Gallery’s July exhibition consists of artists who work with technology within their work.

List of Exhibiting Artists:

Urielle Blanchard

Kiley Brandt https://vimeo.com/kileybrandt

Chris Cameron @camronian

Chris Christian @chris451chris

April Cluess @cluessa_

Carrell Courtright @carrellcourtright

Amanda Klienhans @amandakleinhans

Lucia Riffel https://www.luciariffel.com/ @luciariffel

Keith Roberson http://www.k-roberson.com/

Kassandra Spence http://skitterscatter.com/

Workshop instructors

Carrell Courtright is an artist living in Captiva, FL. His work as the studio supervisor at the Robert Rauschenberg Artist Residency has pushed him to master several mediums, including new & innovative technologies. In his workshops, he will engage participants in the use of conductive paint and the creation of touch sensors.

As a native Tallahassian, Hunter Hereema has been playing in bands and performing solo as a musical artist in town since the summer of 2011 and graduated from Florida State University in 2017 with a BFA in Fine Art. Hereema is a champion for the Tallahassee arts community because of the many great examples of people of all backgrounds who had personally fulfilling relationships with music and art.

Dave Rodriguez is a film and audiovisual archivist, curator, and filmmaker originally from Miami, FL. He is also co-founder and co-director of Miami Music Club, a nomadic art space and music venue for experimental sonic, visual, and performing arts. He currently works as a librarian at FSU.

Keith Roberson is an Associate Professor of Digital Arts at Florida State University. He has been creating digital, Interactive and kinetic sculptures for more than 20 years.  His work has been shown in venues like the Jepson Center for the Arts Savannah , Arlington Center for the Arts, Royal Theatre of Manchester UK, Institute of Contemporary Arts London, The Venice Art Center, SIGGRAPH LA and Orlando, and The Venice Biennale and has been presenting his artworks extensively in US, as well as in the UK, Australia, and China.



During the ART + TECH festival several workshops will be offered to the public by professional artists who use technology in their work. You are invited to attend these workshops FREE of charge with your admission to the festival. Please see instructor credentials and workshop detials below.


DAY 1 | July 6th

5:00pm – Open Source, and Artist-Made tools for Digital Audio and Video

Instructor: Dave Rodriguez                            Duration: 30mins

Description: This workshop will offer an overview of many free, open-source, and artist-made tools avaible for editing, filtering, exhibiting, and otherwise “transforming” audio and video content. The format will be an open lecture with some brief demonstrations of a few of the applications and frameworks. The goal will be to have attendees leave with a number of resources and platforms they can explore in their own practice and the greater insight into the open-source community.


5:45pm – Custom Circuits

Instructor: Carrell Courtright                          Duration: 45mins

Description: In this workship participants will be introduced to a variety of materials that will allow them to create hand drawn circuits. The circuits created will be tested with LEDs, batteries and otherelectronics to creat unique kinetic art pieces. All materials needed for this workshop will be provided. (ages 8+)


6:30pm – 3D Hologram for Your Smart Phone

Instructor: TBA .                                               Duration: 30mins

Description: Holograms are within your reach! In this workshop you will build your own 3D hologram adaptor for any smartphone! All materials needed for this workshop will be provide (ages 8+)


7:15pm – Sensors & Sound

Instuctior: Carrell Courtright                           Duration: 45mins

Description: In this workshop participants will create a unique sound that will play in conjunction with a touch-activated sensor they will create. The touch sensors can be created out of any scrap metal or be hand drawn using graphite or conductive paint. All materials needed for this workshop will be provided (ages 8+)


 DAY 2 | JULY 7th

5:00pm – Intergrating Interactive and VR Technologies Into the Artist’s Studio

Instuctor: Keith Roberson                                 Duration: TBA

Description: This workshop will take the form of a lecture on intergrating interactive and VR technologies into the artist’s studio. Examples of contemporary artists and animations will be show. There will be a Q&A session. If time allows, a quick group animation project capturing images around the gallery, and building an interactive environment will follow.

7:30pm – Making Music with Electronic Instruments

Instuctor: Hunter Heerema                                 Duration: 45mins

Description: This workshop will take the form of part lecture part interactive music making. The aim is to demystify the world of electronic sound. There is no experience or knowledge of music required. A variety of different electonic synthesizers, drum machines, samplers and music making programs will be provided for playing and we will collaborate on musical composition throughout the workshop.


2 DAY Electronic Music Concert Series

Laptop Sockhop

FEATURING: Alien Hypnotist / Andy Altizer / Anthony Yates / Aphant / Clavilux / Groves / Hunter Heerema / Jeremiah Paddock / Silessence


8:30pm | Clavilux

9:15pm | Aphant

10:00pm | Silessence

10:45pm  | Andy Altizer


8:30pm | Hunter Heerema

9:15pm | Anthony Yates

10:00pm | Jeremiah Paddock

10:45pm | Groves

11:30pm | Alien Hypnotist


Alien Hypnotist

Andy Altizer


Anthony Yates









Hunter Heerema


Jeremiah Paddock