Take a look at our ceramics!

Vase, Black and White, Small Top Opening ($28)

This is a black and white decorative ceramic top made by Grant.

Mug + Handle, Black Band Around Middle Section ($25)

This is a brown/tan mug with a black stripe in the center made by Debbie Lightsley.

Red Ceramic Bowl ($18)

This is a red ceramic bowl for table decoration made by GG.

Red Tan and Black Bowl ($38)

This is a red, tan, and black ceramic bowl for table decoration made by GG.

Mug + Handle, Grooved Bottom, and Wider Top ($25)

This is a brown and white mug with grooved bottom and a wider top. It also has a handle.

Floral Beige/Mustard Pot ($12)

This is a beeswax beige/mustard pot with a floral print for display and decoration.

Ceramic Vase (Long neck, purple, blue) ($20)

This is a blue and purple ceramic vase with a long neck, by AK, for table decoration. It can be used for floral arrangement.