dison K & Deep Color

THURS, 9/15 @ 8PM


TICKET LINK: eventbrite.com/dison-k-and-deep-color

FACEBOOK EVENT LINK: https://www.facebook.com/events/3156100181272495



Deep Color


Deep Color is one of many projects of Tallahassee musician Joe Kalicki, who has pursued electronic music and production in many forms for a decade, drawing from a wide array of influences from contemporary artists like James Blake and Toro y Moi to synth music pioneers like Yellow Magic Orchestra and Japan. Kalicki employs the use of a digital audio workstation (Ableton), MIDI, sampling, and live vocals to aim to create aural environments with detail, depth, and emotional weight.


dison K


Swampy, twisted, wood and dirt flavored, experimental electronic modernism – if hearing the dial up modem while waiting to play a snowboarding flash game was the Beatles for you.