621 Gallery Presents


an exhibition by GEORGE ELKANAH

Opening Reception | July 1st, 2021
Doors Open at 6:00 PM | Talk Starts at 7:00 PM

Exhibition Dates | 07.01.2021 – 07.29.2021

Artist Statement:

The gun debate is one of the most common and polarizing in American culture. At this point, it could also be seen as one of the most fruitless. Nothing is changing, so let’s just face the fact that we live with our guns like we live with out lamps.

Loaded embraces this laissez-faire way of thinking about guns in our culture.

But there is one problem. Can a gun exist in a painting like it exists in the background of our lives? Or is the image of a gun loaded with the kind of meaning that forces a viewer to limit his or her interpretation of what’s happening? If so, does the gun inevitably kill our imagination?

Artist Bio:

George Elkanah is a self-taught artist living in Houston, Texas. His varied styles and aesthetics are indebted to the influences of advertising, which he see as an art form bound to the idea that every expression should be different from what’s around it.