“Fresh Impressions” by FSU PRINTMAKING


Artist Statement

This show collects work from the printmaking area at Florida State University made during 2022 under the direction of Daniel Luedtke, Denise Bookwalter, Amy Flemming, and Kat Chudy. The work comes from introduction to printmaking, relief print, letterpress, book arts, and intermediate and advanced screenprint. The students explore different mediums in a variety of sizes and materials, as well as explore the field of expanded printmaking through object and installation construction.

Exhibiting Artists

Amy Alonso

Ander Barreto

Reian Beltran

Allison Boroff

Corinne Cave

Devin Clark

Claudine Fedele

Kate Fernandez

Cobie French

Alyssa Gonzalez

Kara Grippo

Madison Hausler

Ashley Hinds

Chloe Hoyland 

Aaron Kamata

Savannah Keys

Erica Lomnitz

Angela McCall

Morgan Nystrom

Abigail Oldnette

Aeriel Poole

Mickey Reedquist

Madison Reinhart

Ava Romano

Jaime Schmidt

Lindsey Schmucker 

Kayla Simpson

Lauren Stecker

Christina Stevens

Ava Tillman

Kenya Winston

Kristina Woodall

Michelle Zheng

Morgan Nystrom