The 621 Gallery Internship Program provides on-the-job training and learning experiences for college students in related fields of study, such as art history, arts administration, dance, journalism, accounting, business administration, and hospitality. Working under the supervision of the 621 Board of Directors, interns will assist with day-to-day operations that culminate in the gallery’s exhibitions, programs, and special events. Each intern will spend the semester completing a project of their choosing with the assistance of the 621 Board of Directors. The gallery offers the chance for students to gain skills in their area(s) of study, build their resume and receive a letter of recommendation upon request following the successful completion of the internship. Please note that all interns are required to attend a training session at the beginning of the semester where they will learn preparatory skills and proper methods of art handling.


  1. Arts administration: help with daily operations, team building, and assist with grant writing
  2. Fundraising: plan special events, write promotional materials to send to patrons, assist with membership drives, recruit and speak with donors
  3. Marketing and PR: create photo and video documentation of gallery events, network with local businesses and nonprofits, plan and implement a social media strategy and design promotional materials for events, programming, and exhibitions
  4. Event programing: help plan and implement special events, such as hip hop showcases, literary salons, dance performances and more
  5. Installation and preparatory work: assist with installation of monthly exhibitions and art handling


  1. Interns are responsible for establishing and implementing their personal goals for the duration of the internship. Interns will participate in a monthly evaluation with gallery staff to discuss the progress of their semester goals.
  2. Interns are required to select at least one area of concentration. Other tasks will be assigned as needed.
  3. Interns will open and close the gallery for the public during the hours of operation at least once a week (Thursday – Sunday 1p to 5p).
  4. Interns will work with staff and other interns to run exhibition openings during First Friday and other special events.
  5. Interns will help install and deinstall gallery exhibitions monthly.
  6. Interns will help with sales and management of the 621 Store.


Internships are offered:

Fall: August to December

Spring: January to May

Summer: May to August

Internships coincide with the academic year and are limited in availability. Positions are awarded based on the candidate’s skills, abilities, interests, and dedication to the program. Interns earn college credit and practicum experience (as arranged by the intern with the appropriate college advisor).

Required Commitment: 10-15 hours per week minimum in addition to working gallery events

Eligibility: College undergraduate and graduate students


Please submit the following:

1. Internship application

2. Cover letter detailing your academic and professional interests. Please outline the skills you hope to learn during your internship.

3. Resume/CV

4. Examples of previous work such as graphic design, event management, installation, fundraising, etc. 

Application deadline for each semester is the first day of Florida State’s classes.

E-mail as a PDF attachment to:

621 Board of Directors

650-3 Railroad Square

Tallahassee, FL 32310




With the help and support of our community through volunteerism, we are able to bring unique cultural opportunities to Tallahassee. By volunteering to assist the gallery in various areas of arts management you help us maintain low operating costs so that we may keep our exhibitions and sculpture garden free to the public and ensure cultural access to all. Also, as a 621 volunteer you gain “real world” experience with Tallahassee’s space for cutting-edge contemporary art since 1981.


1. Gallery Monitor
2. Office Assistant
3. Graphic Design and Marketing
4. Exhibition Installation
5. Special Events
6. Facility Upgrades (Painting, Landscaping, etc)
7. Other Activities as Needed


621 Gallery recruits volunteers throughout the year. Volunteer orientation meetings are held once in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Volunteers are required to attend one orientation meeting during their volunteer position at the 621 Gallery.

Required commitment: 1 hour/week or one special event/year minimum

Eligibility: The 621 Gallery welcomes volunteers with any level of experience, but prefers those with an interest in contemporary art. Primarily we seek volunteers who have a passion for enhancing the quality of life in Tallahassee by bringing contemporary art experiences to Florida’s Capital City.


  1. Submit a completed volunteer application
  2. Email documents as PDF attachments to the 621 Board of Directors at 621galleryinc@gmail.com

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for a Volunteer without regard to race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, martial status, citizenship, or any other protected status.


Warren Sylne

Christine Eich

Rikki Bell

Christopher Ewald

Rachel Pator

Mallory Glaser

Victoria Seybold

Steven Boies

Kiesha Mundin

Stephanie Fisher

Sarah Miller

Kayla Murray

Brenna John

Chandelier Martin

Daniela Arguello

Kelsey Litchfield

Kaitlin Blum

Heather Marchese

Deanna Paschke

Kiara Gillbert

Maya Spencer

Jasmine Glover

April Cluess

Brielle Williams

Uriella Blanchard

Sara Cespedes

Sephora Jean-Claude

Sarah Morell

Vanessa Alvarez

Kaiyah Clarke

Sara Kuba

Sarah Rose

Jeremy Russell

Destiny Taylor

Seth Traylor

Mary Catherine Womack

Shavez Love

Caitlyn Montague

Hannah Kline

Lindsey Rapp

William Stanley

Cassie Andrews

Samantha Nelson

Haley Mann