January 7th-29th, 2011

“Dispensability and Good Intentions,”a group art show by FSU Adjunct Faculty. Featured artists include Charles Badland, Ananda Balingit-Lefils, Kelly Boehmer, Jacquelin Boulanger, Dave Breault, Chuck Carbia, Po-Chi Chu, Michelle McKnight Davis, Ljiljana Obradovic-Edmiston, Amy Fleming, Phil Gleason, laurie Godfrey, Matt Gordon, Linda Hall, Christian Harkness, Dede Harter, Delaina LeBlanc, Leo McMillian, Jason Orman, Pamela Theis, Ed Toner, and Jeff Whipple.”

February 4th-27th, 2011

“Everything Comes Alive when Contradictions Accumulate,” by Ron Longsdorf, his investigation of the personal relationships people tie to materials and objects. Additionally featured is “Speaking to the Bones,” which features work by 621’s new Resident Artist, Amy Fleming, and an installation by Amy Fleming  and Greer Dauphin. For more information go to 621gallery.org or join 621 Gallery on Facebook!”

March 4th-27th, 2011

Shell, a new work to be created for 621 Gallery by The Bridge Club collaborative, will investigate the boundaries between physical and psychological space as well as between performer and spectator, past and present, and art and daily life.  This work, combining installation, video, and live performance, will feature a fabricated room that doubles as an installation and performance space, with a video sequence projected onto the room’s exterior.  The viewer will encounter a richly layered assemblage of the physical and the ephemeral, all the while becoming further implicated in the work via his or her shadow and its interaction with the performers and physical space.

April 16th, 2011 @ 6:30pm

Join 621 Gallery at Art for Dinner, Saturday, April 16th, 6:30pm to 9pm for a benefit celebrating the organizations 30th anniversary. Cocktails, appetizers, a four course dinner by Soup Swift and Real Paella, both vegetarian and meat choices available. While dining you may choose entertainment from an art related ‘menu’. It’s going to be FUN and FABULOUS!!!Event will take place at 621 Industrial Drive. Tickets are $50 or $90 per couple, Only $35 for members. For more information call 850-224-6163, join 621 Gallery on facebook, twitter, and visit 621gallery.org.






January 1st – 29th, 2010

  • Nan Boynton Gallery: The Greenhouse Project, Rachel Rossin

February 5th – 26, 2010

March 4th – 26th, 2010

April 2nd – 30th, 2010

  • Main Gallery: Brad Williams, Ben Bivins, Michael C. MacFalls
  • Nan Boynton Gallery:  FSU Art Students League

May 7th – 28th, 2010

  • Nan Boynton Gallery: FSU B.S. Student Show

June 4h – August 28th, 2010



Spit it OutSpit It Out!
in the Main Gallery
Opening First Friday March 6th , 6-9 pm
March 6th-27th, 2009

In March, The 621 Gallery presents Spit it Out!, an exhibition revealing the narrative elements of pop-art, deconstruction, and contemporary invention. Alan Skees reacts to current events in a playful, yet critical manner using large-scale two-dimensional graphic art. Ivan Fortushniak exposes the history of paintings by creating distressed surfaces via unconventional methods. Mark Mcleod manipulates truth by incorporating myth and fiction into authentic narrative illustrations.

Glitter Chariot will be performing “All That Heaven Will Allow”, featuring Ryan Berg, Chuck Carbia, Kelly Boehmer, Danielle Shockley, and Lexi Braun. This new performance brings sweet and tragic melodrama together with fantastic characters and sentimental song, completing a fiercely tender yet gruesome and unfortunate story of love. This retelling of the story of Ernie and Bert is thrust into a lovers’ triangle where the love of romance isn’t destroyed; the love of friendship is. Friends in need of each other are faced with the need to continue in the wake of brutal death. Memories of a past imagined (Germany, Kirshner’s Rock Concert, Sesame Street) run rampant, and the tenuousness of their bond is destroyed.

Rylan Steele
in The Nan Boynton Memorial Gallery
Opening First Friday March 6th, 6-9 pm
March 6th-27th, 2009

Rylan Steele explores the history of useful spaces through his photographs. Steele’s work reveals the expectations and inherent details of interior spaces, documenting facts and unearthing lived experiences.

Person Place or ThingOpening First Friday February 6th 6-9 pm
February 6th-27th, 2009

Person, Place or Thing

The 621 Gallery presents Person, Place, or Thing, an exhibition connecting history with the present through artistic narrative. Inga Huld Tryggvadottir incorporates others’ experiences by relating her own personal memories through objects and icons. Yoko Iwinaga recalls childhood memories by piecing together her past with her present in abstract compositions. Sonja Hinrichsen maps urban locales with multi-media installations that track the history and diversity associated with each place. Greg Blair connects nature with culture through examples of co-dependence in mixed-media installations. (Main Gallery)


During their travels across the U.S., artists Barbour and Jones collect objects and photographs that serve as icons of American subcultures. This exhibit is a third person peek into the unique experiences and circumstances of communities and subcultures throughout the United States. Subcultures overflow and intermingle within this installation, actively engaging the viewer. Visitors will experience listening & talking and become participant & audience. Join Barbour and Jones in a Gallery Talk on Thursday February 5th at 6pm at The 621 Gallery. (The Nan Boynton Memorial Gallery)

Cultural DistortionCultural Distortion

Opening First Friday January 2nd, 6-9pm

January 2nd-30th, 2009

The 621 Gallery presents Cultural Distortion, an exhibition analyzing cultural perceptions through various mediums. Artist Sarah Christensen Blair explores gender roles by tracing the domestic roots of craft into a contemporary context. Jason Urban distorts perception through the juxtaposition of pattern and color in digital media and printmaking. Min Kim Park uses her large-scale media installations to dismantle social taboos associated with femininity and eastern cultures.

In the Nan Boynton Memorial Gallery, FSU Art
Students’ League.


Benefit for 621 Gallery Thursday May 28th 2009

fashion. cabaret. useless pageantry

For one night only, Julie Argue and Kehren Barbour present an evening full of live music, circus acts and snacks and drinks available for purchase. The evening’s main events are the two fashoin shows featuring the late spring creations of J. Argue and K. Barbour. All original fashoins are for sale and extremely affordable. This event is free to the public, but donations are welcome! Doors open at 8pm. Event ends at 10pm.

Essence of Artistry

Opening First Friday, June 5th, 6-9pm

Essence of Artistry is a group of regional performing and visual artists who bring art to life before your eyes. The purpose of Essence Of Artistry is to enhance Tallahassee cultural arena through the infusion of music and art produced by the talent of nationally acclaimed musician Dayve Stewart, the brilliant and eccentric live art performance of the artist Rohaun, the inspirational words of B. Knight , and the photographs of the essential elements that compose life by Adeleke’ . This Friday The 621 Gallery will feature live performances by Adeleke Omitowojuu, Rohaun and B. Knight.

Fourth Annual All-media National Juried Exhibition (ANJE IV)  July 3 – August 23, 2009

Exhibiting Artists: Robert Arbogast / Ekaterina Arslambakova / Antuco Chicaiza / Po-Chi Chu / Kate M. Davis / Francine Ditton / Amy J. Fleming / Nathan Grimes / Ronald L. Jones / Ann Kozeliski / James A. MacClean / Vivien T. Segel / E. Taylor Seidler / Omar Thompson / Steven Waller / Jeff Whipple / Katie L. Yates

BEST IN SHOW – Jeff Whipple – Seizing the Day

FIRST PLACE – Amy Flemming – Our Lady of the Salvage Yard

SECOND PLACE – Vivien Segal – Obsolete

THIRD PLACE – Francine Ditton – Rosetta

About the Juror: Aja Roche

Aja Roache currently teaches Art Management at Florida A&M University. She holds a MA from Draper School of Interdisciplinary Studies, Humanities and Social Thought at NYU, where she concentrated on Museum Studies. Her writing has included topics on contemporary African-American women artists and the history of American children’s book illustrators. She has served as an art fundraising consultant for several New York and Florida art agencies as well as curator for independent art projects in Brooklyn, NY, Washington, DC and Tallahassee. She currently serves as Gallery Coordinator for FAMU’s Foster Tanner Fine Arts Gallery.

All-media National Juried Exhibition

Opening: Friday July 3rd, 2009

621 Gallery is proud to present ANJE IV, the fourth annual All-media National Juried Exhibition. Each year the exhibition competition draws a number of entries from around the nation, yielding an extraordinary show full of diverse artworks. This year’s show will feature an incredible lineup of artists whose works range from paintings and drawings to photography and mixed media.

Exhibiting Artists: Robert Arbogast / Ekaterina Arslambakova / Antuco Chicaiza / Po-Chi Chu / Kate M. Davis / Francine Ditton / Amy J. Fleming / Nathan Grimes / Ronald L. Jones / Ann Kozeliski / James A. McClean / Vivien T. Segel / E. Taylor Seidler / Omar Thompson / Steven Waller / Jeff Whipple / Kati L. Yates

About the Juror:

Aja Roache currently teaches Art Management at Florida A&M University. She holds a MA from the Draper School of Interdisciplinary Studies, Humanities and Social Thought at NYU, where she concentrated on Museum Studies. Her writing has included topics on contemporary African-American women artists and the history of American children’s book illustrators. She has served as an art fundraising consultant for several New York and Florida arts agencies as well as curator for independent art projects in Brooklyn, NY, Washington, DC and Tallahassee. She currently serves as Gallery Coordinator at FAMU’s Foster Tanner Fine Arts Gallery.

Juror’s Statement:

“When selecting the art work for ANJE IV, I initially considered strong visual aesthetics. ‘Aesthetics’ being such a subjective consideration, I had to come up with an additional rubric to more objectively define what it is that made me choose one art work over another. After my initial curiosity of each visually striking art piece, I looked closer at the artists’ other images to ensure their work appears to be consistently on a path: technically, conceptually and skillfully. Once these elements were confirmed through long periods of more detailed observations of each image, I felt capable of making final decisions.” “It was a difficult decision to make due to the size limitation of the show, but I am honored to have participated in such a wonderful competition and gallery program. All of the artists that submitted work should be proud of the art they are producing and their contributions to the creative world.”

Head, Tadja Dragoo

Head, Tadja Dragoo

In the Nan Boynton Memorial Gallery

The solo exhibition in the by ANJE III Best in Show Artist, Tadja Dragoo.


In No Illusion of Containment: New Works by Anne Stagg and Judy Rushin, the artists invoke complimentary views of social instability, intentional shortcomings, and the way we build our worlds.

Anne Stagg’s paintings pair together the optimism of choice with the tragic beauty of loss through an investigation of regional social constructs. Attempts at perfection intentionally fall short creating a quirky individuality within a hackneyed formula.  Through the repetition of this formula, Stagg shows us that the same rules applied to individuals create wide-cast variations and that when choice is allowed to enter into a formula, the structure begins to show flaws and break down.

“Judy Rushin proposes [that the] painting frame might offer a perspective outside the gallery into our own isolated and compromised existence. Long fascinated by the quotidian: by the life of children and by their architecture of forts, clubhouses and improvised structures, Rushin subverts the usual promise of painting, to offer a window into other worlds; a portal to some beautiful place.”  (Felicia Feaster)

In her newest piece, to be debuted at 621, Reversible: Temporary Refuge for a Benefactor, Rushin constructs a room from the Fort paintings, completing the circular nature of her methodology.

Restricted Geography

621 Gallery Opens New Exhibit on First Friday, October 2nd

Restricted Geography: Daniel Kariko, Cindy Stockton Moore, John Raulerson

Florida’s inland highways are littered with signs announcing residential development opportunities, proclaiming, “ A Great Place to Live!” Sprouting subdivisions are replacing orange groves, palmettos and cattle land.  However, Daniel Kariko and John Raulerson illustrate how the idyllic roadside billboards paint a much different picture than the life in these undeveloped and ghostly instant-communities.

Cindy Stockton Moore explores the fragmented landscape and reveals painting as a process of artifice and intervention. In these imagined scenes, nature is a site for transgression and transition: both geographically and psychologically.  The current exhibition consists of three distinct series that also incorporate my personal connection to the North Florida region.

This exhibit will run October 2nd through October 25th. The 621 Gallery is open to the public Wednesday – Friday 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. and Saturday – Sunday 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.  Visit www.621Gallery.org for more information.

All Metals Eve Iron Pour October 17, 2009

Presented by 621 Gallery, Mill Street Metal Arts & FSU Master Craftsman Studios

scratch block pic Iron Pour

Join us this Saturday October 17th from noon – 6pm for an afternoon of fire, sparks and social networking with some of the area’s most talented artists where the molten iron will be flowing at the All Metals Eve Iron Pour.  This free event is only open to the public a few times a year and is a chance to see metal craftspeople performing a live iron pour.   Come hungry and get some BBQ from Al’s Pit Stop.

You can participate in the action by purchasing and creating your own scratch block design.  Scratch blocks allow you to “scratch” into the recessed surface of bonded sand block.   Whether you create a tile for your garden or a personalized present for a friend you can customize any way you want.  Bring your scratch block design to the Iron Pour and watch as your own piece of iron artwork is poured by members of Mill Street Metal Arts.  Mill Street Metal Arts is a Co-Op of Tallahassee Artist and Craftsman bringing a unique style of art into the community.

Scratch blocks are $15 and include both the actual block and iron.  All proceeds of the pour benefit The 621 Gallery Help Art Live 2010 campaign.  HAL2010 aims to educate the public on how donations from individuals and private foundations are the sustaining force for The 621 gallery at a time when government funding for the arts is at its lowest point.  As we like to say, without our individual supporters 621 is just and address.

621 Gallery Seeks Artists for 28th Annual Next-to-Last Armageddon Art Show

Next-to-Last Armageddon Art Show is a one night only show on Halloween Saturday October 31st from 7 – 10pm

The 621 Gallery invites artists to participate in this year’s Next-to-Last Armageddon Art Show.  Bring your aptly themed art piece to the Gallery Wednesday, October 28 – Friday, October 30th from 11am -6pm or on Halloween day from 1 – 5pm.  This is a completely non-juried show so wall space is first come first serve.  Artists participating in the Next-to-Last Armageddon Art Show receive half price admission, plus other applicable discounts, to the after party – the MasquerAID Ball.


The Next-to-Last Armageddon Art Show is Gallery’s oldest running annual non-juried all media exhibition. It its 28th year, the Next-to-Last Armageddon celebrates the rule of misrule by offering the Gallery walls to all artists.  We celebrate the next-to-last end of days on Halloween night by only opening the gallery after sunset.  We invite guests to arrive in costume and bring a flashlight because there will be no lights.

Stay after the exhibit for the MasquerAID Ball where the heavy hors d’oeuvres and drinks will be flowing.

MasquerAID Fundraiser on Halloween Saturday October 31st from 10pm – 1am

Eat, Drink and Be Scary! Come on over for the harrowing fright that 621 Gallery is brewing for Halloween Night. This will be a unique and wickedly fun Halloween party that YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS!

Come for the Next-to-Last Armageddon Art Show opening at 7pm…STAY for MasquerAID!

Details of MasquerAID:
The event will include  DJs and dancing as well as Edgar Allan Poe’s “Masque of the Red Death,” an immersion performance piece presented by Steampunk Junkies. Light hors devours will be provided. The bar will serve beer, wine and select mixed drinks.

Ticket Information:
Make your ticket reservations through email or via phone today. You can also purchase tickets at First Friday on October 2 or during gallery hours at 621.

Members get half off after all other discounts with their 621 members card.

A costume is required for entry, however feel free to be as creative as you wish no need to stick with the masquerade theme. Hand crafted masks will be available for purchase at the door.

Mask Decorating:
Not your first time at the rodeo? Create your own mask at home and bring it to MasquerAID to compete in the “Advanced Mask Builders” competition.

Make sure to wear your best attire. We hope to see you there!

Art Auction Preview: First Friday November 6th from 6 – 9pm

16th Annual Art Auction: Saturday November 14th from 6 – 10pm.

Annual Art Auction

Join us Saturday, November 14th for the 16th Annual Art Auction fundraiser for The 621 Gallery.  This year’s Art Auction features an outstanding selection of the finest art going to the highest bidder.  The Annual Art Auction is a high point in The 621 Gallery season which attracts art patrons from across the region.  Beginning with a preview on First Friday November 6th, the community gets a chance to view new works from the region’s best artists on display in Tallahassee’s unique contemporary art space.  Please join us for an exciting evening of food, drinks and spirited bidding for great art.  Admission to the Art Auction is FREE for 621 Gallery members and a suggested donation of $10 for non members.  You can become a member or purchase your tickets in advance at The 621 Gallery.

This year’s featured artists include:

Fredrick Aman, Natalia  Andreeva, Carrie Ann Baade, Nick Baldwin, Barbara Balzer, Jose Valdes Bartrou, Ben L Bivins, George Blakely, Amanda Boekhout, Kabuya P. Bowens, Carly Brady, David Breault, Lee Bretschneider, Michael W. Brennen, Amy Brown Ward, Barry Bullard, Ray Burgraff, Colleen Cacace, Denise Choppin, Po-Chi L. Chu, Jonathan Clark, Chalet Comellas, Tamar Dachoach, Holly Daniels, Greer Dauphin, Michelle Davis, Burt Davy, Mark Dickson, Mark Dickson, Diane Dyal, R. Patrick Elliott, Amy Flemming, Stephen J. Fox, FSU Master Craftsman Studios, Lilian Garcia-Roig, Dean Gioia, Jim Graham, Andrew Greenwood, Nathan Grimes, Julie Guyot, Heidi Haire, Linda Hall, Robert Hargrave, Kyle Helbling, Ira Hill, Cynthia Hollis, Charles Hook, Debbie Hooper, Jaye Houle, Nathan Illig, Hunter  Jonakin, Steven Bernard Jones, Carson  Jordan, Dillon Jordan, Lisa Cesare Jordan, Daniel Kariko, donalee pond Koenig, Amy Koontz Knippel, Delaina Le Blanc, Sarah Lindsey, Will Luck, Rene Lynch, Junia Mason-Edmonds, Mark Messersmith, John E. Metcalfe, Roxane McGinnis, Dawn McMillan, Cindy Miller, Jim Miller, Shehla  Milliron, Timothy  Moore, Ruth Nickens, Jason Orman, Ljiljana  Obradovic-Edmiston, Dana Palmer, Gertrude Palmer, Susan Peacock, Barbara Psimas, Echo Railton, Randy Rains, Perdita Ross, Judy Rushin, April Saler-Smith, Beate Sass, Cheryl Sattler, Vivian Sherlock, Sunny Spillane, Anne Stagg, Pam Talley, Paul Tamanian, Laura Tanner, Olan Thornton, Lawrence Tobe, Steven  Torres, Linda Van Beck, Antonia Catherine Webb, Jeff Whipple, John Lytle Wilson, Mary Penelope Young, Jeff Zenick, Heidi Zito

September 4th – 25th, 2009

  • Main Gallery: Judy Rushin & Anne Stagg
  • Nan Boynton Gallery: FSU Art Students League

October 2nd – 25th, 2009

  • Main Gallery: Daniel Kariko, John Raulerson & Cindy Stockton Moore
  • Nan Boynton Gallery: FSU Art Students League

November 6th – 14th

  • Main Gallery & Nan Boynton Memorial Gallery: 16th Annual Art Auction
  • **November 14th 6 – 9pm  16th Annual Art Auction**

December 4th, 2009 – January 29th, 2010

  • Main Gallery: Pyramid Studios

December 4th – December 20th, 2009

  • Nan Boynton Gallery: FSU Art Students League

Culture of Conflict
January 4th – 27th, 2008

The 621 Gallery addresses a Culture of Conflict in January. As today’s digital culture blurs the distinction between entertainment and reality, artists Carola Dreidemie of Miami, Michael Heroux of Washington D.C., and Claire Rau of South Carolina address the affect of media on social interactions, particularly conflict. Carola Dreidemie’s installations comment on conflict and confusion in society. Michael Heroux addresses the effects of digital culture, entertainment, and news. Claire Rau investigates the concept of war as sport in her sculptures and prints.

In the NBMG, FSU Art Students League

February 1st – 29th, 2008

The 621 Gallery addresses Connected with the February exhibition. Artists Matthew Borgen of Philadelphia, Jeff Eisenberg of San Francisco, and Charles Matson Lume of Minnesota explore the internal relationships between language, science, and history. Matthew Borgen comments on perceptions of the past and the failure to recreate history. Jeff Eisenberg’s drawings examine spatial relationships inspired by science. Charles Matson Lume explores light and transforms aesthetic experiences through the language of art.

In the NBMG, Randy Pulumbo

Put Together
March 7th – 30th, 2008

Assembly comes to the forefront at The 621 Gallery in the March exhibition. Put Together addresses how we assemble ourselves inside and out with the work of Charles E. Birnbaum of New York, Jeana Eve Klein of North Carolina, and Marcy Sperry of Chicago. Charles E. Birnbaum reveals the construction of identity through ceramics. Jeana Eve Klein explores the disconnect between souvenirs and the places they represent by recreating tangible memories through quilting. Marcy Sperry’s images reveal a resistance against obsessive body modification.

In the NBMG, FSU Art Students League

April 4th – 27th, 2008

The 621 Gallery is going Primal in the April exhibition. Artists Gabi Etenberg of Nevada, Linda Frost of California, and Jane Hesser of Rhode Island explore the relationship between primitive nature and humanity. Gabi Etenberg uses the camera to capture people and places that explain the tension of displacement within herself. Linda Frost addresses the suffering of animals in the name of science. Jane Hesser explores the inner, primal nature of humanness that is expressed through animalistic imagery.

In the NBMG, FSU Art Students League

May 2nd – 31st, 2008

The 621 Gallery explores the effects of production in society with Industry in May. Artists Mark Abrahamson from Washington, Ira Hill from Tallahassee, and Gil Scullion from Connecticut comment on the effects of industry in the social environment. Mark Abrahamson’s aerial photographs are a global warning of how industry impacts the environment. Ira Hill stretches traditional sculpture techniques in the creation of 3-D social commentaries. Through assemblages of stencils and templates, Gil Scullion illustrates how traditional construction practices are being applied to science with genetic manipulation and selective breeding.

In the NBMG, FSU Art Students League

June 6th – 27th, 2008

In the NBMG, ANJE II winner: Anna Druzcz

July 4th – 27th, 2008 Petra Kralickova, Tannaz Farsi, and Elissa Cox

Petra Kralickova, Tannaz Farsi, and Elissa Cox

In the NBMG, FSU Art Student League


State of Being

January 5th – 26th, 2007

Kenda North is a photographer from Texas who takes underwater images of people in various iconic positions all in swimming pools. A woman in a dress feels the skirt rise over her knees and suddenly she personifies Marilyn Monroe. The cool blue of the pool establishes a dramatic backdrop for players on an aquatic stage. Insoon Ha creates sculpture installations that draw attention to the barbarity that is allowed in the name of progress. Her work combines human and animal images in a graphic display of what can occur when science goes awry. Julie Anand is a photographer/installation artist from Arizona who draws on a background in Ecology and Biology to create organic images and objects that focus on the intersection of matter and meaning.


February 2nd – 23rd, 2007

Ronnie Cramer is a multi-media video installation artist from Denver who combines synchronized electronic music with lurid images from paperback novels which morph from one to the next on video screens. Jason Scuilla is a printmaker from Sarasota, FL. He makes intesely passionate, large scale etchings on wood panels dealing with human physical interaction. Boris Shpeizman is a glass artist from New York who defies tradition by using his media in extremely non-glass areas of design and sculptture, such as lingerie.

Prison Art: Inspired by Love

February 16th – 23rd, 2007

An exhibition of artwork created by inmates in North Florida prisons. The works on display in the Nan Boynton Memorial Gallery include pencil drawings on cloth handkerchiefs and illustrations on envelopes dyed from coffee grinds. Alls proceeds from the exhibition go to the non-profit corporation, Inspired by Love of North Florida. Issac Williams, founder of Inspired by Love of North Florida, gives a presentation about the exhibition. FSU professor of Art Therapy, Dave Gussak, discusses the subject of Art Therapy in prisons. Internationally renowed vocalist Pam Laws wraps up the opening with a performance joined by Issac Williams.


March 2nd – 30th, 2007

Bike-Power is curated by Florida State University’s Associate Professor of Digital Arts, Keith Roberson. An accomplished international artist, Keith is also a daily bike commuter, a mountain bike endurance racer and is in his yard right now, trying to teach his kids to ride. The exhibition features over 50 artists from Tallahassee, across the United States and Canada. Please visit www.bikepower.com for more information. This exhibition is sponsored by locally owned Joe’s Bike Shop & Higher Ground of Tallahassee, SORBA’s FatOfTheLand.org and TallyCat.org.


Southern Exposure: a Dean Gioia exhibition

April 6th – 27th, 2007

A solo exhibit of a prominent Tallahassee painter. Dean Dioia is well known through the region for his pensive paintings of the lush north Florida landscape including images of our canopy roads and freshwater springs.


Art of Language

May 4th – 25th, 2007

This exhibition is a multi-media environmental performance. David Lobdell, Shereen Lobdell, Ashley Carlisle, David Higginbotham and Todd Christensen are four artists and a poet from New Mexico. These artists create live performances in which a ceremonious burning is conduced to poetry at sunset while numerous sculptures surround.


Marcella Stasa

May 4th – 25th, 2007

Nan Boynton Memorial Gallery presents Marcella Stasa, a sculptor who uses found objects to explore the beauty she finds in death and decay.



June 1st – 29th, 2007

In its second year, the All-media National Juried Exhibition (ANJE) features a variety of work from outstanding artists from all over the continental United States. Juror Cynthia Hollis Has hand-selected 25 individuals from the applicant pool to form the exhibition of various media.


  • Best In Show – Anna Druzcz, Landscaping Nature V
  • First Place – Mehmet Ayanoglu, East Meets West in Istanbul
  • Second Place – Steven A. Ramsey, A Lecture on Articulation
  • Third Place – Victoria Goro-Rapoport, Sinking of the Empire
  • Honorable Mentions – Lauren Cohen, The New Farm | Caryl Gordon, A Matter of Light
  • Exhibiting Artists: Christie Ashley . Daniel Baird . Kim Beckmann . Dustyn Bork . Mary Becker . Youngsoon Chon . Dale Clifford James Glaser . Betsy Gandy . Dolores Glover Kaufman . Carrie Kersey . Jeemin Kim . Jamie M. Lee . Sean Lyman . Jessie Lovano-Kerr . Melissa McCutcheon . Jill Olm . Michael Reedy . K. Terumi Shorb


Sugar & Spice

June 1st – 29th, 2007

The Nan Boynton Memorial Gallery features Sugar & Spice, artwork by a group of FSU MFA students: Julie Guyot, Becki Rutta, and Erin ElizabethGainey.


July 6th -27th, 2007

Janis Brothers is a sculptor from Live Oak, FL who uses interactive video installation to deal with the issues of life, death, mourning and healing. Denise Bookwalter is an artist from Cincinnati, OH that combines prints, installations, and animation to address the evolution of high and low technology and their influences on contemporary culture. Ryan Adrick is a photographer, sculptor, and digital artist from Jacksonville, FL whose work deals with relationships formed between artist and subject.


September 7th – 29th, 2007

Quickly becoming a tradition of The 621 Gallery, the September exhibition is a time to showcase the work of local art professors. Journeys features the work of three FSU faculty including the Jessie Lovano-Ker Professor of Art Education, Tom Anderson, Art Department Foundations Director, Mary Stewart , and newcomer to the Art Department faculty, Tracy Longly-Cook. Tom Anderson used text and photographs to chronicle the situations he encountered on his expedition to Mount Kilimanjaro. Tracy Longly-Cook’s photographs emphasize the continuous undercurrent of physical and psychological change in our lives. Prints by Mary Stewart explore connections among visual and ecological complexities.

hands_off_plethorax300Hands Off!

September 7th – 29th, 2007

Join us in the NBMG for Hands Off! – an international exhibition exploring possibilities in digital photography. Juror and image-maker Robert Fichter selected 30 images for this unique opportunity. Visit www.621gallery.com/handsoff or www.handsoffat621gallery.blogspot.com for more info.



January 6th – February 4th, 2006

Artists: Ron Yrabedra and Barbara Psimas
FAMU Professor Yrabedra creates fabric and gold leaf images that form a bridge between ancient iconography and American quilt designs. Local artist Barbara Psimas’ paintings involve robust colors and flowing movement while her newest work educes sensual sculptural forms from materials far more humble in origin. Sponsored by The Gem Collection.


Identity © Copyright 2007 621 Gallery, Inc.
February 17th – March 18th, 2006

Tennessee native Libby Rowe deals with perceptions of gender, sexuality and taboo through mixed-media sculpture and painting. Texan Jade Walker, textile sculptor, transforms traditional symbols of power and submission (neckties and hoopskirts, embroidery and knitting) to shed light on sexual identity. Local artist Dom Guarneschelli explores nostalgia and longing through photography that mixes new self-portraiture and vintage snapshot images.


Domesticity © Copyright 2007 621 Gallery, Inc.
March 24th – April 22nd, 2006

New Mexico’s Christine Chin makes food sculptures recast in glorious cookbook photography format to offer humorously twisted recipes like “Eavesdrop Soup” and “Finger Sushi Rolls” – Betty Crocker beware! University of Central Florida’s award winning Professor, Rebecca Sittler, photographs the intimacies of house and home using an unlikely cast of characters. Well known Tallahassee artist Donnalee Pond-Koenig offers drawings mixed with collage and hand made papers as well as watercolor on special processed and treated papers.

April 28th – May 27, 2006

Abstract forms speak volumes. Sarah Raulerson creates large-scale cast iron and fabricated steel sculptures with organic qualities. Bill Humphries’ photography and painting captures miniscule detail in everyday objects, forcing the eye to focus in new ways, crafting order from chaos. Miami artist Michael Hunnewell paints the incongruity of a gritty urban landscape and its unplanned architectural jumble with mixed media including limestone, concrete, sand and wood.


ANJE 2006 © Copyright 2007 621 Gallery, Inc.
June 2nd – 30th, 2006

All-media National Juried Exhibition (ANJE) – Features a variety of work from outstanding artists from all over the continental United States. The jurors were Dr. Ronald Nasgaard, Director of the Art Department at Florida State University and Omar Thompson, Art Professor at Florida A & M University. They hand selected 25 individuals from nearly 120 well qualified applicants to form the exhibition. Awards include a $500 Best in Show prize and two $250 “Runners Up” prizes.


Adrianne Little © Copyright 2007 621 Gallery, Inc.
Adrianne Little
June 2nd – 30th, 2006

Nan Boynton Memorial Gallery: Adrianne Little is a video installation artist from Buffalo, New York. She uses video to explore trauma and ritual by questioning the presence and absence of the maternal body. The work literally transforms spaces while incorporating metaphor gleaned from nostalgic items related to motherly instinct, which is embedded in what she calls the matrilineal ghost. Little’s “ghost” serves as a vehicle for her cultural and personal history that can all be seen through video.


Transitions © Copyright 2007 621 Gallery, Inc.
Trainsitions: An FSU MFA Exhibition
July 17th – 28th, 2006

Summer is a time for transitions in the Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) program. The second-year students have finished their thesis work and are preparing for new lives in art and teaching. First-years students have completed one year of learning and creating and are now ready to be leaders both in the program and in the classroom. This show will highlight contemporary works in a wide variety of media: painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics, print-making and mixed media.

Julia Morrisroe
July 17th – 28th, 2006

Julia Morrisroe is an installation artist from Gainesville, Florida who plays off of popular culture, engaing with issues including consumerism, originality and ownership. She works in a variety of media. Her drawings, installations and objects provoke a sense of the familiar while exploiting the tension between a copy and an original.

Blank Walls
First Friday, August 4th, 6:00 – 9:00pm

621 will kick off the new exhibition season on First Friday, August 4th, 2006. This year we are planning to start the year with something a little different from our usual activities. Starting at 6pm we will have “Blank Walls” at the Gallery. We will have crayons and open frams mounted in the Gallery so that our new members can fill the empty walls because without their support that’s all we would ever have. Blank Walls is a membership drive to help support the Gallery and raise money for the upcoming exhibition seaons. All membership dollars go to support the exhibitions and other events at 621. We are planning to bring you a new and outstanding exhibition each month next year with an opening on each First Friday. Come and show your support, listen to some live music, draw on the walls and become a member!


Sense & Perceptions © Copyright 2007 621 Gallery, Inc.

Sense & Perception
September 1st – 29th, 2006

Local artists and professors from Florida State University, Florida A & M University and the University of Central Florida. Holly Hanessian creates a visual narrative based on items gained or lost in our lives. Objects hang from delicate ceramic chains suggesting that our lives are not as straight forward as we may think. Todd Bertolaet, a nature photographer, documents endangered environments including both natural and manmade characteristics of the Florida landscape. E. Brady Robinson explores the notion of play, absuridty and repitition as a form of alteration and art making. “Excerpts” features early and recent video work where the mouth is the locus of task oriented performance art.


Suspended Dreams © Copyright 2007 621 Gallery, Inc.
Suspended Dreams
October 6th – 22nd, 2006

Massachusetts artist Gary Duehr is a photographer who captures the moments between events, in which narrative is fragmented, something has just occurred or is about to happen. Tallahassee artist Linda Hall creates creepy images and nightmarish sculptures that evoke uncomfortable feelings related to otherwise nurturing environments. Also from Tallahassee, up-and-coming artist John Lytle Wilson paints colorful cartoon-like images of animals with human qualities.

October 31st, 2006

Our annual non-juried all media exhibition. It its 25th year, Armageddon celebrates the rule of misrule by offering the Gallery walls to local and emerging artists. The exhibition is historically placed near Halloween and the reception is done in the dark with only flashlights for illumination. Many arrive in costumes and the result is a fun and funky event filled with eclectic artwork and eccentric clientelle.


Seconds © Copyright 2007 621 Gallery, Inc.
November 3rd – 5th, 2006

This brief exhibition is a group show that features the work of artists who are on the verge of hitting the national art scene. Each artist is enrolled in the Master of Fine Arts Program at Florida State University. These outstanding and energetic young artists will produce a cohesive exhibit involving cutting edge contemporary art. Featuring works by second-year students: A. Light, Andrew Ross, Becki Rutta, Brad Williams, Cathering Morris, Jeff Crawford, Julie Guyot, Kazuyo Hira, Kegera Matthews-Lawrence, Phil Gleason, Resa Groff and Tadj Dragoo.


13th Annual Art Auction © Copyright 2007 621 Gallery, Inc.
13th Annual Art Auction
November 10th, 2006

Auctioneers: T&W Auction Company
This year’s auction promises to be our best yet, with an outstanding selection of the finest in art going to the highest bidder in what has become a much anticipated Tallahassee social event. The auction attracts a well-informed crowd of art patrons and connoisseurs and is a high point in the 621 Gallery exhibition season. With new works from the regions best and brightest artists on display, the community gets a chance to view world class artworks in Tallahassee’s trendiest gallery space. We invite you to join us for an exciting evening of live and silent bidding, food, wine and of course great art.


Out of Context © Copyright 2007 621 Gallery, Inc.
Out of Context
December 1st – 29th, 2006

Randy Polumbo is a sculptor from New York City that takes everyday objects and transforms them into intricate, sometimes mechanized and often elegant objects that are at odds with their original function. Amy Fleming is from Fort Myers, Florida and uses scratchboard to draw images of urban salvage yards. These works depict the detritus of consumer culture as a source of useful items for those who know what to look for. Trash to one becomes trasure to another. Jeremy Colbert is a sculptor in Tallahassee who uses metal, ceramics and natural matierials in his exploration of symbolism.


From Head to Hand

January 7th – February 11th, 2005
Artists: Tim Dooley, Bill Oterson, Jeff Zenick


February 18th – March 18th, 2005
Artists: Aaron Board, Zoë Charlton, Deanne Dunbar

Bodies in Motion

March 18th, 2005
Artists: Ballroom and Tango Dancers


April 1st – May 6th, 2005
Artists: April Flanders, Rebecca Nolan, Charles Badlands

Life: New & Used

May 13th – July 1st, 2005
Artists: Bill Wharton, Carol Prusa, Nate Hill

Fiesta del Sol

June 4th, 2005

Summer Music Series

June 9th, 2005
Performers: Craig Reeder & Kim Fristachi

Summer Music Series

June 16th, 2005
Performers: Panhandle String Band, Dos Divas

Summer Solstice Festival

June 24th, 2005
V89 Benefit Concert

Summer Music Series

July 1st, 2005
Performers: Tocamos Band, Brett Wellman Unoccupied Minds July 14th, 2005 Artists & Film-makers: Balata Refugee Camp Films and Children’s Art


Terrible Things

September 2nd – October 8th, 2005
The 2005-2006 season opens with an exhibition of three faculty members from the Florida State University Art Department: Terri Lindbloom, Paul Rutkovsky and Kirsten Simonsen. Each creates proactive works that incorporate multimedia installations involving non-precious materials and unconventional surfaces like mylar, paper bags and garbage.


National Photography Invitational

October 14th, 2005

Fall Fever

October 15th, 2005
An all day outdoor festival with food, drinks, live music and art all in Railroad Square.


The Next to Last Armageddon Show

October 29th, 2005
Come celebrate the rule of misrule in your Halloween costume. Bring a flashlight! A fierce crew with a captain bold: The Alaskan Pirate and his Salty Seamen will entertain you with songs from the 1600’s to present day. Photography by Andrew Ross.


Twelfth Annual Art Auction

November 19, 2005
621 Gallery’s largest fundraising event of the year. More than 50 local artists donated artworks for this excting evening of fine food, fine music and fine art going to the highest bidder! Artists: Beth Appleton, Lillian Garcia-Roig, Dean Gioia, Charles Hook, Deborah LaGrasse, Mark Messersmith, Donald Odita, Eluster Richardson and Paul Tamanian Sponsors: Bandidos Burritos, Bella Bella, Decent Pizza, The Gem Collection, Leah Gentry Cleaning Services, Gordo’s Cuban Cuisine, Martin Hayes – Attorney at Law, 97.9 Smooth Jazz, The Law Offices of Jeff Peters, Karen Ladzinski & Tom Stahl, Lucy Ho’s, The Wine Warehouse Mindfields


Bedscapes & Dreamstates

January 9th – 24th, 2004

Artist: Meredith McMackin

Sex & The 6:00 News

January 9th – February 14th, 2004

Artists: John Gleason, Paintings; David Jones, Sculpture

Sponsors: Condomology Superstore

Breaking Up is Hard To Do

February 20th – March 27th, 2004

Artists: Jacquelin Boulanger; Mary Donahue; Barbara Aleene Edwards; Marianne Bernice Kearsely; Joan Matey; Susan Peacock; Lynn Priestley; Leslie Puckett

Curators: Viki Wylder & Marianne Bernice Kearsely

Seeing Red: A Low Tech Adventure

February 27thh – March 13th, 2004

Artist: Charlotte Williams

Sponsors: Prominant Placement, Inc of Atlanta; Stacy & Matt Williams; Hartsfield Home Construction, Inc; SG Bridal

The Land of Growth

March 17th – 31st, 2004

Bookmaking Workshop: March 20 & 27th, 2004

Artist: Janae Easton


April 2nd – May 2nd, 2004

Artists: Ljiljana Obradovic-Edminson; Daniel Kariko; Maura Schaffer


MasquerAid to benefit the gallery.

April, 2004

People were invited to come to the event dressed as there favorite art piece or favorite artist. There were live tableaux throughout the evening. A curtain was drawn and revealed recreations of famous artist’s works with live people styled as the figures in the masterpieces of Frida Kahlo, Jan Vermer, Velasquez, Van Gogh and others.

Of Church and State

May 14th – July 10, 2004

Artists: Steve Jones, Alejandro Mendoza, John Raulerson


A Mysterious Clarity

September 3rd – October 16th, 2004

Artists: Mark Messersmith, Lillian Garcia-Roig, Ray Burggraf

Wildlife Refugees

September 3rd – 18th, 2004

What Flew Out of Bird Sink

October 22 – October 30th, 2004

Artists: The VanChamier’s – Chris, Michael, Mona, Celine, Amy, & Maria

Reception Musical Act: Kill Clouseau


Eleventh Annual Art Auction

November 13th, 2004

make believe

November 19th – December 18th, 2004

Artists: Janae Easton, Patricia Dahlman, Carol Golembowski

Exploring Divinity with a Creative Perspective

December 3rd – Dec 10, 2004

Artists: Leanne Burchell & Deirdre Honey Hilliard


Fiber and Metal

January 10th – February 15th, 2003

Artists: Jacquie R. Fort, Janet B. McIntyre, Peter L. Smith

Other Places, Other Times: A Rediscovery of Ourselves in Ceramic Sculpture and Vessels

February 21st – March 29th, 2003

Artist: Mary Donahue

Sponsors: The Gem Collection, Frank Helms Exterminators, Lynne Liska, Explorers Club, Jay Boynton & Susan Peacock, Allison & Derek Street, Linda Johnson, Susan Harris, Fran Kautz, Marylin Proctor, Kim Salesses, Kathy Donald, Randall Smith, William Roberts, Leslie Puckett, State of Florida Division of Cultural Affairs, The Arts Council, Rose Printing

Students: Betton Hills Prepatory – Kim Salesses, Ft. Braden School – Pat Poitinger, Gilchrist Elementary – July McBride, Lincoln High School – Marilyn Proctor, Reudiger Elementary – Lynne Peteron & Marcia Meale, Rickards High School – Joyce Keuling & David Worrell, S.A.I.L. High School – Jennifer Carter, Sacred Heart Home Educators

Three Expressions of Nature

April 11 – May 17, 2003

Artists: Gay Hanna Drennon, fountains; Susan Peacock, oil paintings; Linda Van Beck, acrylic paintings

Earth, Wind & Fire

June 6th – August 2nd, 2003

Artists: Denise Choppin; and the Potter’s Guild

Sponsors: LithoHaus Printers, Inc.; Herrie Communications Group

Morphology of Organisms

June 13th – July 6th, 2003

Artist: Janae Easton

Equinox: A Hermetic Journey

September 5th – October 11, 2003

Artist: Teresa Reaver, in loving memory Opal Rannell Reaver

The Cabaret: A Benefit for 621 Gallery

September 26th, 2003

Artists: Michael Powelson & Outer Circle; Dianne Roberts; Patrick McKinney; Gary White; Michelle McDowell; Bucky McMahan; Steve Jones; Cynthia Hollis & The Fruit Flies; Lytha Belrose; Dave Morris; Alisha Loyd

EmCees: Joan Matey & Gordon Halleck

Queen of the Ding Dongs: Perdita Ross

Special Thanks: Kehren Barbour; Margot; Bruce Belrose; Bruce Boehrer; George Blakely; John Gleason; Randy Harrison; Calvin Jones; Alec Kercheval; Nansi McDonald, Jay Scott

Next to the Last Armageddon Show: Altars

October 31st, 2003

Artists: Non-Juried Group Show

The 10th Annual Art Auction

November 8th, 2003

Sponsors: Bill’s Art City

Dark Marks

November 21st – December 20th, 2003

Artists: John Mann, Nancy Hamlin-Vogler, & Jan Master

Sponsors: Reaver Enterprise


Manual Transmission: The Artists Book

January 11th – February 16th, 2002
Artists: Pat Baldwin, Julia DeHoff, Julie Gray, Susan Hensel, Eliza Holliday, Roberta Lavadour, Nancy Ruth Leavitt, Beth Lee, Emily Martin, Elizbeth McKee, Ljiljana Obradovic-Edminston, Sherri Trial, Bobbi Yoffee
Sponsors: State of Florida Department of State, Division of Cutural Affairs, The Florida Arts Council, Denise Choppon, Catalogue Designer, Lithohaus Printers

Woman’s Work

February 22nd – March 30th, 2002
Artists: Stephanie A. Dal Pra, Elizabeth Heller- Mason, Monica Naugle
Sponsors: The Gem Collection, The Law Firm of Jeff G. Peters


April 5th – May 11th, 2002
Artists: Charles M. Dorn and Chris Valle
Sponsors: The Law Firm of Jeff G. Peters, House of 10,000 Picture Frames

Songlines, Walkabouts and digeridoos: Dreamtime Journeys, Australian Style

May 17th – October 5th, 2002
Artists: Authentic Australian artwork on loan from Alani Davis & Stephanie Duty; Marianne Kearsely, Rick Linkstrom, Regina Manes, Leslie Puckett, Steven Neale, Viki Thompson Wylder
Sponsors: Ben Franklin Crafts, Bill’s Art City, Eppes Decorating Center, The Law Firm of Jeff G. Peters, State of Florida Department of State, Division of Cutural Affairs
Special Thanks to: Ainslee Beery, Jennifer Carter, Mary DeHoff, Julia Frederickson, Linda Johnson, Qadira Lutfi, Amanda Matthews, Pauline Masterton, Rosalind Osterby, Perdita Ross, Barry Sager, Katey Tykinkski, Wafa Elsaka, Pam Wallheiser

Tallahassee Teachers

September 6th – October 5th, 2002
Artists: Kayce Bayer, Cynthis Braswell, Julie Childers, Cathy Hathaway, Fran Kautz, Joyce Keuling, Marcia Meale & Kristin Miller

What Happens in the Attic

October 17th & 18th, 2002
Artists: Kehren Barbour, Kayce Bayer, and Kristin Miller

Armageddon/Day of the Dead

October 27th – Novemeber 3rd, 2002
Artists: Unjuried, local group show


November 22, – December 21, 2002
Artists: Bruce R. Frank, and Ronald M. Boyett


4 Photgraphers @ 621 Gallery

January 12th – February 10th, 2001
Artists: Mark Abrahamson, Jessie Lavano-Kerr, Bernard Phillips, Beth Reynolds
Sponsors: The Law Firm of Jeff G. Peters, Capital Photo Lab, Frame of Mind

Looking in Looking Out

February 16th – March 10th, 2001
Artists: Cheryl Tall – Mixed Media Sculptures, Lyda Toy – Oil Paintings
Sponsors: The Law Firm of Jeff G. Peters, oM Cafe


March 21st – April 6th, 2001
Artists: Suzanne Ally – Mixed Media, Harry Paul Ally – Painting


March 23rd – April 21, 2001
Artists: Susan Kempton Floyd – Oil Paintings and Mxed Media Sculpture, Junia Mason – Oil Paintings
Sponsors: The Law Firm of Jeff G. Peters, oM Cafe

Adopt a Village

April 8th, 2001
A benefit for Adopt-a-Villiage Missions and Humanitarian Universal Connexions. Over 50 pieces of Haitian, Latin American & Caribbean art including internationally recognized artists, as well as Haitian folk art
Sponsors: Aid Associations for Lutherans, The Wine Club
Auctioneers: Col. John W. Jacobs
Donations of Art: Julie Bowland, Peter Byle, Gustavo Castillo, Mary Donahue, Rene Duran, Nina Allen Freeman, John Gleason, Pedro Ipina, Gloria Helena Jaramillo, Carmen Lagos, Thomas Moddi, Hernando Mora, Pilar Tobon, Amelia Von Bergen and more

Northern Spectrum II: A Regional Juried Exhibition of Fine Crafts

May 4th – June 2nd, 2001
Artists: Cass Allen, Terry Arthur, Brian Bachman, Marcus Collier, Terrie Corbett, Mary Donahue, Gay Hannah Drennon, Raymond C. Ferguson, Bob Fincher, Mark Fletcher, Connie E. Forneris, Stephen J. Fox, Valerie S. Goodwin, Teresa M. Gutierrez, Robert Hargrave, Dennis Howland, Nitin Jayaswal, Elizabeth King, Linda Lube, Amanda Matthews, Eleanor A. McCain, Sherry McCall, Linda Menke, Kate S. Murray, Lesley C.S. Nolan, John Penrod, Kenneth Reshard, Ellen West, Kathleen Wilcox, Charlotte A. Williams
Juror: Karen Valdes
Sponsors: Applebee’s; Business Communications, Inc.; Ddenise Choppin Designs; Conservation Properties; Creative Residential Design; Kool Beanz Cafe; oM Cafe; R. Timothy Jansen; Reaver Enterprises; The Law Firm of Jeff G. Peters; Thomas Stahl & Karen Ladzinski

Bill Pericola – Memorial Retrospective

June 6th – June 22, 2001
Sponsor: Reaver Enterprises

Fabric Options

June 15 – August 11, 2001
Artist: Ellen West, Rickards High Art Teacher (623 Gallery: Students from Ft. Braden School, Sullivan, Reudiger, Hawks Rise, Bond, & Lemoyne After School Art Program

Located Landscapes

August 31 – October 6, 2001
Artist: Nitin Jayaswal
Sponsors: Florida Dept. of State, Div. of Cultural Affairs and the Florida Arts Council; oM Cafe; The Jeff G. Peters Law Firm

8th Annual Art Auction

November 9, 2001
Artists, Patrons, Collectors: Albert Allen, Cass Allen, Artzania, Brian Bachman, Julie Baroody, Ben Bivins, John Brett, Alana Long Brice, Amy V. Brown & Alex Ward, Brabara Aleen Edwards, Terry Carley, Denise Choppin, Mary Adore Colony, Terrie Corbett, Julia DeHoff, Mary Donahue, Charles Dorn, Gay Drennon, Ken Echternacht, Mary Proctor, Bob Fincher, Mark Fletcher, Carolyn Flowers, Susan Floyd, Beverly Frick, John Gleason, Georges Han, Bob Hargrave, M.A.D. Keatley, Joe Kotzman, Deborah LaGrasse, Gabrielle Wu Lee, Jessie Lavano-Kerr, Linda Lube, Will Luck, Chuck Manning, Jean Marani, Junia Mason, Amanda Matthews, Matthew McCarron, Meredith McKinney, Ellen McMahill, Linda Menke, Mark Messersmith, Judy Nable, Jon Nalon, Lesley Nolan, Cynthia Pararo, Susan Peacock, Pelican Place, Bernard Phillips, Donalee Pond-Koenig, Dana Preu, Leslie Puckett, Sean Pushor, Tony Quickle, Kenneth Reshard, Clint Samples, Perdita Ross, W. Carl Shiver, Annemarie Tankersly, Lyda Toy, Linda Van Beck, Velvet Vintage, Steve Waller, Ellen West, Fae & Bud Mellichamp
Sponsors: Reaver Enterprises Art Supplies; Law Firm of Jeff G. Peters; Catering Caper; Hopkins Eatery; Lucy Ho’s; Marriot Corporation; Mr. E.’s Cafe; oM Cafe & Lounge; Tasty Pastry; The Wharf; The Artist League; Dream Tree; Northwest Chapter of FLorida Goldsmith’s Society; Tallahassee Little Theatre; Talleon Independant Artists of Tallahassee

Brush, Lens & Lathe

November 16th – December 22, 2001
Artists: Julie Bowland, paintings; Bob Fincher, woodturnings; Barbara Aleene Edwards, photographs
Sponsors: The Law Firm of Jeff G. Peters


7 Ceramists and Abstract Painters
January 8th – 24th, 1999

Artists: Kosmas Ballis, Bob Bocz, Deborah Kate Groover, Lydia Keith, Bil Myers, Robin Duke Rodgers, Maura Schaffer, Randy Rains

Sponsors: The Gem Collection; House of 10,000 Picture Frames

Feminine Metaphors
January 29th – February 14th, 1999

Artists: Paintings by Pamela Hiller, Uncomfortable Clothes by Lydia Nelson Friedland

February 19th – March 7th, 1999

Artists: Etchings by Diana Jacobs, Digital Prints by Robert B. Stewart

Sponsors: The Gem Collection, House of 10,000 Picture Frames, The Law Firm of Jeff G. Peters, Wild Women Gallery

10 Women in Art
March 12th – 28th, 1999

Artists: Becky Beerensson, Donne Bitner, Nancy Baur Dillen, Lydia Nelson Friedland, Carol Garutti, Susan Martin, Ellen Pavlakos, Lynn Murray Spencer, Glenda Taylor, Lynne Whipple

Sponsors: The Gem Collection, House of 10,000 Picture Frames, The Law Firm of Jeff G. Peters, Wild Women Gallery

Crafts for the Senses IV
July 10th – August 21st, 1999

A hands on exhibition of works designed to be experienced by all children and adults, with a special emphasis on physically and emotionally challenged individuals.

Artists: Grace-Anne Alfiero, Andrea Beane, Laura Militzer Bryant, Robert Hargrave, Doreen Horn, Betsy Orbe Lester, Benjia Morgenstern, terraqua Reed, Barry Sager, Kelly Sari, Eva Walsh, Ellen West, Lynn Whipple; Hands On Music and Art Projects with Linda Hall, Susan Campbell, and Barry Sager

Truth in Form: Abstract Painting in the South
May 14th – June 13th
, 1999

Artists: Harry Ally, Sarah Thomas Ballis…[no further record]

Artist’s League First Annual Pre-Millenium Show
November 6th – 22nd, 1999

Artists: Eric Sapronetti, Francis Baudoin d’Adjoux, Jacqueline Amantia, Christopher Casault, Lawrence Tobe, Richard Drake, John J. Fenno III, Melody Slimak, Barbera Psimas, Peter Murdock

Art Mart
December 17 – 19, 1999

Artists: over 40 local artists including: Jon Nalon, Darcy Abbot, Rebecca Wallick Babbitt, Patricia Burger, Michael Chaney, Melinda Copper, Terrie Corbett, Barbera Davis, Mary Donahue, Gay Hannah Drennon, Jennifer Dunn, Barbera Aleen Edwards, Bob Fincher, Rosemary Gallagher, Grant Gelhart, Robert Hargrave, John Harte, Elizabeth Heller-Mason, Louise Horesovsky, Nancy Juster Johnson, Mariann Kearsley, Mary Keatley, Lydia Keith, Alexa Kleinbard, E’Layne Koenigsburg, Joe & Josefa Kotzman, Jean V. Marni, Don Matthews, Tana McClane, Sharri Moroshok, Judith Nable, Audrey Padilla, Donalee Pond-Koen, Bernard Phillips, Joy Pound, Barbera Psimas, Masian Reid, Perdita Ross, Eden Rush, Barry Sager, Carl Shiver, Randall Smith, Rob Smith, Morris Springer, Laura Stover, M.R. Street, Lyda Toy, Steve Waller, Waxed Out Candles, Carol Wintermute, Laine Wyatt…

A Brush With Nature
December 3rd – 19th, 1999

Artist: Nina Allen Freeman, watercolor and collage

Guestbook: Dr. Janet A. Thompson, Steve Chandler, Steve Waller, J. Pund, David and Elizabeth, Amy Owen, Jennie Lane, Donalee Pond and Peter A. Koenig, John P. Mahony, Chuck Manning, Elaine Saleh, Lloyd Tribley, Tim and Janet Moos, L. Flowers, C. Blessing, George & Becky Allen, Steve & Suzie Larding, Jennifer Harvey, Bob Carton, Barbera Psimas, Janet & John Siamis

Sponsors: House of 10,000 Picture Frames, The Law Firm of Jeff G. Peters; Katz, Kutter, Haigler, Alderman, Bryant, & Yon, PA


For Man Birth and Feeders
Feb 6th – 22nd, 1998

Artist: Jaquelin Amantia

Fem’-i-nie n women collectively: womankind
February 27th – March 29th, 1998

Artists: Amejo Amyot, Beth Appleton, Diane Banks, Annie Bates Winship, Holly Boruck, Nancy Baur Dillen, Lydia Nelson Friedland, Teresa M. Gutierrez, Pat Hankins, Krista Harberson, Nicole Havekost, Sarah M. Howard, Jonnie Ihlefeld, Brenda Jones, Ursula Kammer-Fox, Mariann Kearsley, Lydia Keith, Jacque L. Keller, Debron Keller-McCartney, Yeonglan Kim, Deborah Kruger, Deborah LaGrasse, Melanie Lankford, Gabrielle Wu Lee, Lynne Farmer Lehman, Alma Lopez, Sally Mankus, Corinne Martin, Ellen K. McMahill, Susan S. Miller, Donalee Pond-Koenig, Barbera Power, Carol G. Prusa, Carrie A. Rambuska, Mary Curtis Ratcliff, Beth Reynolds, Rose Ann Samuelson, Gloria Sed, Judith Segall, Francesca Soans, Laura Stamper, Tracy Wascom

Jurors: Sara Bates, Yvonne Edwards-Tucker, Viki D. Thompson Wylder, PhD

Sonsors: Railroad Square, Bill’s Art City, Hopkins Eatery, Dena Glazer – Theraputic Massage and Yoga, Jacquelin Amantia, M. Laine Wyatt

Tallahassee Sculptors: 40 Artists from the Tallahassee Area
April 3rd – 26th, 1998 at 621 Gallery

Artists: Jacquelin Amantia, Patricia Tinajero Baker, Barbera Balzer, John Birch, George Blakely, Bob Bocz, David Breault, Tracy Cornette, Emile Dickens, Mary Donahue, Gay Hanna Drennon, Paige Forshay, Michael D. Jernigan, Mariann Bernice Kearsely, Deborah LaGrasse, Mark Lindquist, David Moynahan, Jon Nalon, Anne Phillip, Barbera Bower, Mary Procter, Dennis Raitt, Teresa Reaver, Tom Riley, Lalo Robles, O.L. Samuels, Diane Sams, Sarah Schenzinger, Chris Smith, Tonya Solley, Paul Tamanaian, AnneMarie Tankersly, Yvonne Edwards Tucker, Mifflin Uhfelder, Jay “Animal” Williams, Sandra Witschy, Andy Young

Paintings & Constructions
May 29th – June 14th, 1998

Artists: James Bojarzuk, Dean Warren

Sculpture, Tapestries, and Idle Hands
September 4th – 20th, 1998

Artists: Sculpture, Barbara L. Power, Tapestries by Ulrika Leander, “Idle Hands” by the Temporary Theatre Ensemble (September 18th & 19th)

Sponsors: Florida Arts Council, and the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs

Innocence & Experience and Fountains
October 9th – 25, 1998

Artists: prints and Drawings by Mary Ogburn Scott; fountains by Gay Hanna Drennon

Sponsors: Tallahassee Nurseries, Division of Cultural Affairs, and the Florida Arts Council