This exhibition acknowledges the importance of diversity and inclusion through art. 621 Gallery is providing a virtual exhibition space as a platform for individuals to highlight personal experiences, uncover systemic issues, and most importantly gain greater awareness, compassion & empathy related to the full spectrum of humanity.


Members of the Tallahassee public and FSU students and faculty were asked to submit work to touch on one or more of the following topics relative to the subject of diversity: race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status or physical disability.


Our goal is to create a virtual space that exposes the positive impact of inclusion when diversity has been acknowledged, understood, and welcomed. In conjunction with the online exhibition, 621 Gallery will be hosting a forum to expand upon themes from the exhibition, outline a path for improvement, and encourage community engagement.

View the See Your Neighbor: Diversity in the Arts Public Forum on our Facebook page:





621 is highlighting the work of the Tallahassee Bail Fund Coalition this month in conjunction with our exhibition.


The Tallahassee Bail Fund is a coalition of community members and local organizations who have come together to end pre-trial detention and provide the needed funds and care to free people from jail. We undertake our work every day with a clear understanding of the violence of cash bail in this country and the committed work it takes to secure much needed services for returning citizens. We also act with heightened urgency. It is impossible to social distance in a cage. As the documented cases of COVID-19 in our jails increase, we the people are doing what our policy makers will not: coming together to get our loved ones out so that they can stay healthy and stay free. Today, we celebrate the twenty-two people we have bailed out since Juneteenth this year. And still we rise.


Donations are needed. Wish List items include:


FUNDS for bailouts and aftercare, backpacks, $25 visa gift cards, Uber cards, monthly bus passes, notebooks, sketch pads, justice-minded books/graphic novels, face masks, sturdy folders for important paperwork, business cards for individuals and organizations who can offer needed services. Think outside the box: from barber shops to legal advising to holistic therapies, we would love your support!


This exhibition has been made possible with a grant from the President’s Council on Diversity & Inclusion.



Questions? Email us at: