Take a look at our drawings!

Llama "My Spittah My Spittah" ($5)

This is a pen/ink portrait of a llama with the words “My Spittah My Spittah” to the left of its head. This was made by H. Kline.

Portrait, "WELL F*CK" ($5)

This is a pen/ink portrait of a man with the words “Oh f*ck” on his forehead on white paper. This was drawn by H. Kline.

Danger Ahead, Illistration, City ($25)

This is a picture/illustration of a road to a city drawn in colored pencil by Diane Dyal in a wooden frame.

Beige/Red Pattern Drawing Metal Frame ($15)

This is a beige and red patterned drawing in a black frame. It was made by Mary Chong.

Thank You Framed ($25)

This is a hand-drawn “Thank You” card that’s been framed in a wood frame. This was made by Oscar Perez.