Meet the Panelists





Host | Kiley Brandt

Kiley Brandt (MFA ’18) is a video installation artist from North Carolina. She was adopted from Central America at birth. This connection ties her work to an ongoing exploration of issues of immigration and identity with a particular interest in the United States/Mexican border. In her work, Brandt attempts to inspire empathy through sound, poetry, and immersive installation to better communicate dissatisfaction with the current political climate and the uncertain displacement many feel within it. She is currently an adjunct professor at Florida State University, where she teaches in the field of digital arts.

PANELIST | Alexander martin

Alexander Martin is a multiracial black and queer artist and performer living and working in Peoria, Illinois. Community engagement is a major theme of their studio practice, so they are involved with several organizations and community art planning efforts. Their practice is a combination of mixed media work, found objects, performance, ritual, and education.

PANELIST | kate kinder

Kate Kinder grew up in south-central Kentucky where she achieved a BA in graphic design, BFA in studio art, and minor in Art History from Western Kentucky University in 2012. After moving to sunny Florida in 2014, she attended graduate school at the University of South Florida. She received her Master’s degree in studio art in 2017 and is now a professor at Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

PANELIST | Kathleen Spehar

From ensembles to classrooms to boardrooms, Kathleen Spehar has filed in a rich array of roles for arts & culture. She’s served as a K-12 educator and arts integration specialist, professor, theatre stage and concert hall performer, manager, presenter, curator, industry arts & culture strategist & public servant. She primarily worked in the Midwest before moving to Florida, where career highlights include managing several theatre spaces, launching a theatre on the river, curating performing arts seasons for performing arts centers, producing new theatre, dance, and music works, managing large-scale remote broadcasts, and preparing student arts administrators for careers in the arts.

Her claim to fame is hosting the artist Prince and presenting Lizzo before she hit the big time. Kathleen is a former leadership fellow and member of several regional and national industry organizations, including the Florida Cultural Alliance (FCA), the Association of Performing Arts Professionals (APAP), and the North American Presenter and Manager Association (NAPAMA). Currently, Spehar serves as the Executive Director of the Council on Culture & Arts (COCA) and cat mommy to Sasha the spaz cat.