The Conversation

Countering Unconscious Bias: Gender and Identity as Action in the Arts is a conversation between women and gender non-conforming individuals operating in multiple fields of the expanding art world. During the month of March, which is typically titled Women’s History Month, this panel seeks to actively reframe the inequality that ripples through creative spaces. Through lived experience, creative process, and professional practice, this panel invites reflection on the evolution of bias in the arts and analyzes gender and identity as praxis. Beyond identifying sexism as an issue in the contemporary art world, 621 invites participants to discuss current and future actions.

About The Series

621 Gallery’s ART + ACTIVISM series is inspired by themes generated from exhibitions hosted in the gallery. Topics can touch on social issues including climate concerns, gender & identity politics, technology’s impact on society, and other leading issues of our time. This series promotes the cross-pollination of ideas and awareness by bringing specialists from a range of professions together in conjunction with ongoing exhibitions.